Chapter 2

Rennie- Patient 1

I sat at our usual meeting place- the park bench in the middle of Granerwich gardens. I loved it so very much here; the birds that tweeted in the trees, the squirrels that ran through the bushes. Of course they had long since gone into hibernation due to the mesmerizing snowy scene I was seeing today. I got out my expensive camera and started to take some pictures, this would look good on my website I thought.

“Rennie! How are you? You’re looking great. I admit I was a bit sceptical that you would follow the diet I gave you, it is a bit hard to follow, but clearly you did. I’m so happy for you.” Pure adoration and pride gleamed from Ryan’s face; I didn’t know I had made him this happy.

“You’re not surprised then?”

“Why would I be surprised? I have reason to be cocky you know.” He winked as he sat down next to me and took in a great big relaxing sigh.

“I think my hair is starting to grow back as well.” I added, I decided I enjoyed his attention more than I did at the start of this whole damn thing.

“Really? How come you’re still wearing a bald cap then?”

“Well it hasn’t fully grown back, but I promise you I will take it off when it does… if it does.” At that point Ryan held me between my shoulders and looked at me directly in the eye.

“8 weeks ago you had terminal lung cancer, now I think it’s time you go back to the clinic for your final check-up. The only thing now that could still be preventing you from fully recovering is your attitude; you still don’t believe it’s possible, do you?”

“Well curing terminal cancer does seem pretty impossible, I mean I know I feel better but-“

“Take a breath Rennie. Take a nice, deep long breath.” I did as he asked, I could feel the cool wintry breeze rushing down my throat, it didn’t hurt like it used to so many months ago, in fact now it felt amazing. I smiled at him. “Ok Ryan, let’s go.”

10 minutes later in Dr. Drashner’s practice

“I don’t believe it Rennie, your tumour; it seems to have completely disappeared! This is impossible! Never in my 32 years of experience have I ever come across such a case as yours. This is astronomical. Well, Miss Jenkins, I can have the pleasure in saying you are now officially cancer-free.” I whooped along with Ryan as we jumped around laughing with utter joy and happiness. Then Dr. Drashner turned to Ryan.

“Did you have something to do with this sir? Because since you’ve appeared she’s only been getting better and better.” He leaned closer in to Ryan this time. “Please, if you could tell me how you managed to perform such a miracle, I would be forever indebted-“

“I’m sorry Dr. Drashner, but I won’t disclose any information like that with anyone apart from clients, I know this would have helped you. I’m sorry.” We started to walk out of the door but then my doctor butted in once more, sounding slightly more threatening this time.

“At least I must tell the press about this, this is huge news! If you won’t tell it to me you at least have to tell the journalists about this.” All of a sudden I saw Ryan turn. One moment he was happy and contempt, the next, completely wild and savage. He grabbed Dr. Drashner and held him rigidly still as he whispered into his ear:

“If you dare tell anyone about this, the press, your friends, your family, you’ll suffer the consequences, big time. Because if my methods get out into the media, they will become useless.” Ryan now backed off, looking flustered as he tried to calm himself down. “I am warning you, for the sake of anyone with cancer out there, you cannot tell anyone. Do you understand?” Dr. Drashner nodded his head violently, extremely embarrassed about the ordeal he was facing. Ryan then pulled out a slip of paper and a pen and asked him to sign it. I never asked him what was on that paper, but I knew from the looks that Dr. Drashner gave away he understood perfectly why he had to sign away. I knew now that it would be a bad idea to tell my world how exactly I had lost my cancer.

“I apologise for the assault Dr. Drashner. I hope we can start again on neutral terms?” Pah! Some assault! Dr. Drashner was the one who started it. Anyway who cares? My cancer was gone! I was now a free woman, free to live my life the way I wanted to again.

When we got outside I hugged him.

“Thank you thank you thank you!!” I exclaimed, jumping around while he was still in my grasp. The feeling hadn’t yet sunk in.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave you from here.” He sighed, his face growing slightly sombre.

“That’s okay Ryan. I think I can understand.” He looked up at me, pulled a small, brief smile and then simply walked away. And that was it.

Well at least that’s what I thought, I just never expected to see him again in my own workplace.

The End

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