Pain Relief

Ryan Mosker made a decision, to abandon his dreams and follow his instincts. After the experiences he suffered in his own life and the pain he had viewed in others, he realised it was time to make a difference. Cancer kills, but not anymore.


"Look at it, Ryan, look at it!" Connor screamed in my ear.

"I'm looking! I'm looking!" I winced in pain as he tightened his grip around my neck. The scene below was horrifying. The lands of the Worion kingdom were the most beautiful I had ever seen. This place had been discovered only two years ago, a shocking discovery for geologists, but they weren't the ones who were displeased by what they had seen. It had been rumoured in the paper that the people here lived a lifestyle that led them to have no diseases, little illness and no cancer. But some people didn't like the fact that there were other people who knew how to avoid developing cancer and disease. They wanted to keep up the lie that cancer happened naturally and that is what led to the terrifying scene below. I screamed in agony at the sight of what I was seeing, I wailed and howled at the torture at the scene that was proceeding below. I wanted it to stop, to stop to...

I gasped as I sat up. Only a dream, thank god.  I looked at my alarm clock, five past five in the morning. I groaned as I collapsed back into my pillow. Today I had an 'appointment' with three people , two of them were new. I knew this was going to be a long day, but nonetheless I smiled to myself. It's all worth it Ryan. It's all worth it.

The End

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