Why do I become that woman every night?

Miyako awoke just as the sun was beginning to rise. Every morning was the same. At dawn she would awake and when she went to bed at night she would again take the form of another. Miyako untangled herself from the sheets and stumbled over to the full-length mirror in the corner of her room. 

Picking up the hairbrush that lay on her dresser, Miyako began to tug her black hair into pigtails that sat high on the top of her head. She liked to keep her hair long, feminine. She winced slightly as she encountered a knot, her face twisting into a girlish pout. During the day she was far from the woman she became at night.

Her hair perfect, Miyako pulled on her school uniform. Her plaid skirt was beginning to get short; a testament to her growth. She slipped on her white blouse and secured the buttons that ran up the front. Miyako swiped navy tie off the back of a chair and smoothly knotted it about her neck. She grabbed a pair of socks out of the dresser and shoved them onto her feet. 

As she buckled the shoes that matched the rest of her uniform, Miyako listened to the other students getting ready to go to breakfast. She grabbed her bag off the floor and slipped out of her room. 

"I almost left you behind this morning, Miyako-chan."

"I wouldn't blame you. Waiting for me every morning must be really annoying."

Miyako gazed up at her American friend. Surreal had blond hair that she cut short. Surreal had come to school as an exchange student and had learned most of her Japanese through immersion. Even so, her language skills were tentative at best and Surreal disliked speaking to people she didn't know.

The girls descended the stairs that reached up through the center of the dorm. The dormitory was only three stories high, but it was tall and each floor contained several hallways. The entrance to the girls' dorm opened onto the lawn of the school and was directly opposite the one for the boys. The school building sat at the head of the lawn all its scholarly glory. The cafeteria was right beside it and was connected with a covered walkway that came in handy on rainy days. The gym was on the other side of the main building and it too was connected with the walkway. The building the teachers lived in was small, those with families receiving preference in getting larger apartments. 

Five minutes later the girls reached the cafeteria and stood in line to wait for food. The line moved quickly since the bulk of the students had already gone through the line. 

Miyako and Surreal sat at their usual table. The cafeteria was large, so there were always extra seats. 

"Miyako, I think that's the new kid! He's sitting by himself over there."

Miyako turned around and saw a slender young man sitting alone two tables away.

"He looks lonely. Maybe we should invite him over."

Surreal shook her head. 

"No, I think he wants to be by himself."

Miyako gave the boy another quick glance before returning to her breakfast. 

"I guess so."

"I'm really worried about you. The Dream seems to be taking a lot out of you lately."

"Shh. You know we're not supposed to talk about that during the day."

"I know, but you look so tired, like something is on your mind."

Miyako looked down at her breakfast. She was afraid to say something because she might give the game away. The Night Queen had many enemies. 

"Don't worry about it, okay Surreal? Things will be fine. None of it is real."

The End

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