Pain, Blood, DeathMature

Not for the faint of heart...This is a culmination of a good ten minutes all its blood soaked glory! Enjoy=]

I opened my eyes. After the first few seconds of blurry blindness shapes began to form. A table, a chair, computer, desk. I was in an office. What happened to me?  Amnesia.  I tried to stand. Pain. Spasms of pain ripped through my body, I screamed and fell to the floor, blacking out.

I woke again to a strange noise, a noise which sounded so alien to me, yet almost familiar, I had heard it before. A loud rattling. Like someone was breathing their last breath on this world. A death rattle.  It brought a sense of gnawing foreboding that shook me to the bone. It was the sound of pain, the sound of anguish, the sound of death.

After a few agonising tries I managed to sit up. I looked at myself to see if I was hurt. There was nothing I could see, but still pain throbbed though my body threatening to rip me apart. I raised a hand to where it hurt the most, the back of my head. It felt strange slimy, warm and wet. I pulled my fingers away instantly, scared of what I might be touching. I looked at my hand. Blood. Red shining blood. I was hurt, badly, I needed medical help immediately. I tried to stand. Again the horrific pain, I managed to grab the corner of a desk. After righting myself I looked around the office. Death. This was a scene of inconceivable violence. Desks were ripped apart, bodies strewn around them blood adorned the walls. It was hard to think that only a few hours beforehand this was a peaceful office going through its daily routine. That sound again. Coming from behind me getting louder and louder.

I span around to see a small girl. She was standing there head bowed. The rattle was coming from her. She was dressed in pure white, whiter than snow, blindingly brilliant. Her face was concealed by her long black hair. Blacker that the night, it was a stark contrast to her clothes. I was astounded. How did a girl like her end up in a scene so bloodthirsty even the strongest of men would run away in terror. I limped forward to embrace her, to tell her everything was going to be ok, she was obviously as scared as I was, what young child wouldn’t be?

As I got up closer to her I she seemed to realise she wasn’t alone she looked up and brushed away her hair. It was then I saw her face. Grey and horrific. Her skin was covered with blood with veins marring what could have been a very beautiful face. She smiled at me teeth yellow and chipped again covered with blood. I then realised she had no eyes. Just two dark holes where her eyes should be, blood dripping out of them as if she was crying. The rattling noise was almost deafening as she moved closer to me. I couldn’t say she walked because her ankles were definitely broken , the bones sticking out through the grey dead flesh. She raised her arms as if to embrace me, arms cut and bloody with sharp knife like fingernails. I was rooted to the spot. A rabbit in headlights. Her arms were cold to the touch and I screamed as she pulled me into a tight deadly hold, squeezing the breath out of me. Her face by my face. She looked at me with those cold, empty, bleeding sockets and laughed. Gripping me ever tighter she ripped into my flesh with her nails. Her sharp teeth tearing at my throat as I screamed one last scream. Pain. Blood. Death.

The End

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