Chapter 3Mature


The sound of the goddamn doorbell!Way to go, I again overslept past the usual time.What an awesome start girl, I gritted to myself,rushing around getting everything into order, while simultaneously trying to remember what was the day's charted out plan.BEEP!BEEP!

"wher r u?The btch is already g8in on my nerves!U hv 2 b here asap.I md up tt u stuck in traffic, com soon dnt thnk v cn hold hr ne longer!Luv Ved!"

It was the launch of the online version of our magazine-The Fashionista in a week.Preparations were in full swing, with overtime workers, the technical staff grilling their brains, and me, well I was supposed to co-ordinate their work and today for sure I'd be dead if I didn't swoop down in my office in an hour!Today I changed my route to a much shorter one driving like a maniac!The Ferrari guy would have been very proud I think.In 25 minutes flat I'd reached office, which is kind of a record considering the traffic in the peak hours.I entered my cabin to encounter Ved's mascara laden glaring eyes.

"Finally found the time huh madam?To come and grace us with your presence. Shonali has called a meeting in an hour of all the co-ordinators. And do you know what she's said?She's gonna laden us poor subordinates with an eensy-teensy bit more job."

"What??Isn't this co-ordination thing too much already that we are going onboard with new jobs?"

"It seems not. The marketing department hasn't been able to find enough sponsors for the event. So she's entrusted this to us as well,since obviously we're sitting here waiting for more work to come our way!"

"No way!You kidding me?You mean to say I have to go to some sponsors and convince them to sign up for sponsoring our e-zine launch?"

"Yeah it's kinda like that. But only that you'll have a planned itinerary charted out by the bitch herself, assigning the sponsors you've to beg in front of.And that's what the meeting is going to be about in like 15 mins."

"Oh yeah!I am so raring to go!"

The End

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