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"It seems like a long way back in time when Baba(father) and me went horseriding together. A long way back indeed when he used to say, "Beta, (child)life is like a wild horse.You either clasp its reigns firmly or it's going to take you for one hell of a ride." How I miss Baba's simple pearls on life.Six years after putting on a brave front even when he was languishing in pain, he finally succumbed to cancer leaving behind a trail of memories and a cardboard box full of diary entries.These are his memories, his life in a nutshell, the embodiment of his glorious spirit and our way of remembering him.This one's for you Baba!"

As I typed in these words onto the computer screen, tears welled up in my eyes.In remembrance, in awe, in probably all the emotions I could never sum up in with the words in English or any other language dictionary available. He truly was a great man, leaving behind a legacy of values and my aaee(mother) whom he loved dearly.There wasn't anything left of her,everything so mechanical and sore after his death.It was as though with him passing away, he had taken away her as well. "Awni, there you go dreaming again girl!Its already late honey for the submission of the piece. You better get going fast unless you're up for another batch of tantrums from the bitch!", my friend Vedika cut into my thoughts. "Yeah, I am almost done Ved, just about mailing it to her. Should reach her soon enough, a phone call and I should be done for the day." I quickly packed up and with the eensy phone call made I was ready to run back to my haven."You coming right to the party tonight? Dont say a no or make an excuse, please!Pretty Please!", Vedika jutted in again.

"Nah I am not up for it ya today, too tired after the meet and all.I am serious this time around.Ill pukka(surely) come next time"

"You're never up for anything. You ought to be socialising, getting around, chatting up new people and stuff and all you do is sit at home. Well your wish, I wont force ya. Take care alright?And give me a call if you're up for it! See ya tomorrow"

"Bye See you tomorrow too!" SLAM!

There she went off again pissed at me as usual. I did know she was trying to help but, I really couldn't bring myself to meet and socialise after my father's death. Fact was I knew I had an even more depressing life than everybody thought me to have.Just that I never wanted to love another person so dearly and lose yet again. Somehow always the loss made me feel crippled, spineless and alone. I remember reading in The alchemist "A thing that happens once always has a chance of recurring a second time". Smiling to the peach walls, I shut and keyed in the door.

The End

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