Pages of a murder

The dark liquid descended trough the outside surface of the window.The presence of something evil was felt  in every corner and every sound in the night.A feeling so strong it lingered as fear in the air.

Rain fell but the cold could not penetrade the wall of despair that the burial had build.Today nothing  really seemed to matter,no memories even the good ones could erase the seeing of his cold body laying in the open coffin.

"Such a waste !"

They kept saying over and over again to her in line at the final departure,when his coffin was finally lower to the ground and all that it had been him was buried.

"Such a waste.! " The words ecoed into the void around her.The night was the only witness to her words,over and over again.

"Such a waste! ",as she raised her hand,gun ready to be used.

"Such a waste !"

Final words that left her mouth as the trigger is pulled,and the only  sound  in the night now is  silence while beneath the body a pool of blood starts to form.

"Such a waste!"


Her glasses came off and she looked at what had just been written.Not bad she thought,but cowardless.

In her mind she was already creatting the  riples of this new killing in the quiet town that was part of her latest book.Another four more hours put in and she could give it a rest for today.

The clock on  the wall stricked the raising hour,her stomach growling for food should have been another evident sign she had lost herself into the story yet again!

Moving the stiff muscles of her neck,her steps took her in the direction of food.

Outside a storm was immenient.The only open window in the lower floor of the house was letting in the sounds of howling winds and the cold of dawn.

With a strange feeling of self recognition the window was shut close. "Hum!" Strange...

Maybe  she would put the Tv on low and listen to the latest weather report,she was sure that this morning the forcast hadn`t mentioned any storm.

The smell of food as the fridge door was open took precedent over more impending news from the outside world and soon she was seating in front of the table with a plate and a glass of cold milk.

But before she raised the fork to her mouth the wind outside gatered force and rattled the kitchen door,it was getting nasty out there,maybe she should try and find how strong this storm really was going to be.

"And now with the weather we have ..."

Sitting back down in the chair she raised her fork again.

The End

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