Padlocked in a Bubble.Mature

Erie, a 17 year old female with many troubles.
Or are they just self inflicted?
Shes trapped in a bubble, created by her mind and has no intention of getting out of that bubble.
The bubble will burst eventually, but by whom? and how?

I sat in my bedroom, staring at the ceiling making random shapes in my bored and dull mind. This weekend had been full of nothing but gray. I began to think about why I had imprisoned myself inside my own bedroom. The pure need to go out and mingle amongst others didn’t really seem appealing to me, but then again why should it? People bitch, people argue, they find faults in others to make themselves happy, they tease others for the shear thrill that it gives them. Sometimes people are just not worth it.

Mmm, I decided that I needed some air; I reached out to open my window. On opening my window there was a light tap on my door.

“Come in” I called out towards the door. My father entered, he came forward and sat on the end of my bed. The weight of him caused me to defy gravity and rose into the air slightly. My father was a tall man with a broad build, a brown furry moustache and a full head of hair. He was only in his early forties and was ridiculously sporty.

“So…” My dad hadn’t spoken yet he was just staring at my room as if it were some kind of place which matched that of Mars. He rarely ever came up to my bedroom, only ever to tell me off or when he came back from his late nights to say goodnight as I pretended to be asleep. Then he spoke;

“I’ve come up here to see you, you’ve coaxed yourself into a small bubble and nobody is allowed in. How can you stay in your bedroom for three straight without any human contact? I know that isn’t healthy. Just tell me what is wrong?” My dad looked slightly agitated at the end of that minor speech.

“Nothing dad, Is it really a crime to just take a step back and look at the world from a different perspective? I just want time alone” I don’t see why I must explain my every action, another human flaw: the need to know everything about literally everything, yet if their own personal privacy is broken into, all hell seems to break loose.

“Well dearest, you’re looking pale, you need some sunlight, it’s not good for your health and all this is said from a doctors point of view” Pssh, yeah right. My dad’s a doctor and he’s been using the same line on me for the past seventeen years.

“Okay dad, personally I think I’m old enough to decide what is best for me, and when I’m ready to leave my comfort zone or ‘bubble’, I shall” He just sighed, I think he understood the fact that he wouldn’t get anywhere with this conversation.

“Right Erie, whatever suits you, I guess there is so little than one can do” with a roll of the eyes my father departed from my room. Why must people waste their time on such petty talk? I’m pretty sure we could have had a perfectly intellectual conversation about anything other than ME.

It was now after 6 in the evening and the colours of dawn filled the air. The beautiful oranges and dark reds blending with the slight streaks of yellow always managed to take my breath away, no matter what. I could feel myself choking up, and soon I was sobbing recklessly onto my covers. The image of dawn always reminded me of my beautiful mother.My mother, she was a woman of many wonders and she had I love for literally everything but especially for nature. She was a beautiful woman with thick dark curls and the most striking blue eyes that seemed to hold every emotion possible. Her face was literally flawless, with only some lines of ageing around the eyes. When she smiled her perfect came into sight. Her laugh was low giggle which I always heard every day. I miss my mother. I lost her all because of the flaws of people.

I detest people.

The End

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