I gotta calm down and lay off the swearing. You'll have to forgive me, almost dying can put you edge.

Ok, here we go. Let's start from the beginning. 

Like most teenagers who grew up in a small, one industry town, all I wanted to do was leave. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what century you grow up in - if you're a farm boy, the son of a miner, the daughter of a welfare case, or whatever, at about the age of 14 you start eyeing that one road that takes you out of town and want nothing more than to escape your dull life.

Sure, some escape by indulging in the virtual world, plugging in for days at a time. Heck, some even escape the old fashion way, booze and drugs. The smart ones, and I mean the really smart ones will head off to university. It's so competitive these day with 10 billion people on the earth, that only a certified genius can even think about applying. 

Yeah I grew up playing VR games on the net, but to live out my days in a virtual world didn't appeal to me. And yeah, I liked a beer now and then, but making plans on a Monday to get skunk-faced drunk on a Friday night seemed well.... bloody stupid. 

Of course, I did apply to University, but it was mostly pressure from my parents that made me. Watching my inbox fill with rejection notices was not fun. 

Nope, like the many directionless teenagers that came before me, I joined a military.

Not my best move. 

The End

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