The ChitinMature

It's sci-fi time. Since (as far as we know) the speed of light is a constant, even if we manage to "fool" physics with wormholes to get around it, how would we transmit data between worlds?
You'd still have to send the data physically - at least until you go close enough to your destination to beam it out.
Inspired by stories such as Starship Troopers and Old Man's War, I thought I would try a little first-person sci-fi.

Space is fucking lethal.

Sure they teach you about it when you are a kid, and they reinforce it at the academy, but nothing prepares you for it until you are faced with death.

And the worst thing is, and I mean THE fucking worst, its the fact that it isn't the radiation, the cold, or even the lack of oxygen killing you - it's the fucking chitin.

I mean it's ironic, we humans, we hairless apes, finally learned how to crack open a wormhole and leave our dinky little home system, and it attracts bloody aliens! 

And not the friendly "take me to your leader" kind either, oh no, it had to be the  bloody "rip open your ship and munch on your innards kind".

We're still not even quite sure where they come from but we know a couple of things. First, they love wormholes, and I mean the buggers enjoy hanging out near the exit points. The eggheads figure that they somehow feed off the radiation. Helps them breed they say.  

Second, the are territorial. Think of a wasp, and think of how pissed off they get if you decide to take a baseball bat to their nest - the chitin are like that, but instead of swarming you and stinging you to death, they fucking eat  you. 

Of course us humans, being the resource hungry bastards we are, transit the wormholes anyway, chitin be damned. 

And damn the poor fuckers who have to make that transit.

I can't believe I signed up for this shit. 

The End

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