Pack up and leave

This is a story that is a mix of Harry Potter and Looking for alaska by John Green.

          It was my 16th birthday and I had just woken up to the sound of my mother making breakfast. Today was a special day; today was the day I was supposed to get my acceptance letter to Ridgemont academy. The most prestigious school that all witches and wizards hope to go to. This was going to be my shot that I was finally going to get out of this place where I felt that I didn't belong and go to a place that I actually feel accepted.

 Walking into the kitchen my mother greeted me with a letter and a hug she said "it came". I just stood there with the letter in my hand. I traced the raised lettering that spelled my name. I carefully opened the letter and read it slowly:

 "Dear Miranda, you have been accepted in to the ridgemont school of witchcraft and wizardry..."

"Oh  my god" way all I could say
"I am so proud of you" my mother said lovingly and then she hugged me again. this was the day that she had been waiting for. this was the school the he and my father had gone to. I never knew my father although my mother always told me that he was a great man but I never knew why he was great.

The End

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