Just do it.Mature

Stacy was talking on the phone with James, "look--I cannot just approach people like that. It is--well, you do not have any idea how hard it is to just walk up to a guy, and just ask them out."

James replies over the phone, "I do not think you need to go to an online dating site to find somebody."

Stacy grimaces a bit, only to hear James continue, "I mean--you can meet some real creeps on them. How do you know they are not an axe murder."

"Well--if I ended up dismembered and in a trunk, I would be lucky. I mostly have just gotten douches. Like that one Latino I got on New Years--you know that one, right?"

James makes a bit of a stuttering noise, Stacy continues, "of course not--you are still in the closet. I still have no idea how you meet people. Well, except for the odd online gays singles site."--Stacy groans--"way to many closeted people on those for me to really bother."

"How about you try approaching somebody? You really are not that bad looking. If I was straight, I know you'd be the girl I'd go for--easily. I am certain plenty of other--"

Stacy cuts him off, "--I am only that because I have several inches of a clitoris."

James just groans, "how about, you just try it? I mean--do you know how scary it is to step as far as you have? I mean--how about you just make the next step?"

"I am not scared! Just nobody is interested in me--and I will not be that girl who is a number 2 flinging herself like a number 9."

"You are not a two... not in any way... if anything I would probably rate you at about eight--kind of like that picture of you on HotorNot.Com."

"Wait--what? I have a picture... on... I never posted--right... not questioning that. How about this, there is this guy Lander on here. How about I send him a quick message saying I am interested? We can get my rejection letter and move on here."

Stacy put the phone down--hit speaker phone on it. Typing out a message saying hi and how Lander seems very interesting and that she would like to meet him. Something about hoping for a prompt reply.

"Hey, James--I put three xs and three os at the end. Am I being too much? I do not want to come across to strong."

"Maybe just put a squiggle with your name next to it. Possibly a single x and a single o."

"Thanks. It is so good that I have you as a friend. So how is your job going by the way?"

The End

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