Backed Into A CornerMature

Katrina walked in with a bowl of salsa, a rented movie from Blockbuster, and a bag of whole-grain Tostitos. She saw that Emily was seated at the PC and Alexis had her own laptop open in her lap. She also saw the a grin exchanged between her two friends. "What are you two up to?"

Alexis smiled. "We're signing ourselves up for PlentyOfFish."

Katina's head leaned back against her neck. "That dating site your brother uses because he's too nervous to go out to a bar?"

"Umm... yeah, that one," said Emily, eyes almost rolling.

Katrina looked down at Alexis's screen.

In the open window, Alexis was attempting to fix the red-eye on an otherwise attractive photograph of herself.

"Don't air-brush," teased Katrina.

The computer screens shimmered with peer pressure.

"I like it," said Emily, referring to the site and not the photograph.

"Hmm... I'm not one to be the odd one out, but I'm not sure how I feel about this," admitted Katrina.

"Well," said Emily. "I found a test on Facebook you just have to take. I already took it. But why don't you? I'll read the questions to you. Answer honestly."

"All right," said Katrina as she put the chips and salsa down, without opening the chips. Then she lay the copy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall beside the PC for later, since it could view DVDs. She backed herself into the arm chair in the corner of the room, and sat down.

Some time passed before Alexis had successfully eliminated her red-eye, and Emily had successfully tricked Katrina into answering the personality test and chemistry test for Katrina's own PlentyOfFish account which Emily had set up for her.

Emily had already done much to deceive Katrina. She'd entered her friend's postal/zip code, from a letter on the desk. And she'd posted six pictures of her friend that she didn't have permission to post. However, she meant well. And she was itching to tell her.

"Hey," said Alexis. "Have you looked at your matches, Em?"

"Not yet," said Emily, who hadn't actually made herself an account yet, and wasn't willing to intrude on Katrina's like that. "Why?"

"Well, I recognize a few of mine," claimed Alexis. "The clerk at the pet store, he's kinda cute. And some other guys from school."

"Like who?" asked Katrina, her interest finally piqued.

The End

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