The drive to look so nice comes from...Mature

Stacy had taken out the trash, came back in the house. Just walked by the bathroom to check on her hair, to make certain it is in place nicely. The dye job was nice--the blue streaks worked well. Works out her clothing--to make sure all the folds were falling nicely.

"You are a beautiful attractive--snnrrff!"

She had turned her head away. Heh--right... she had to go online to get her dates. She was such a freak. She had to put up with these thoughts all her life. What was wrong with her, that she would want to chop off her parts? Why was she different from the boys?

She turns and storms out of the bathroom. I would be lucky if I got some overweight geek who just happened to look at those Japanese porn sites way too often. She jumps onto the computer, and unlocks the screen.

The interface was all how she had filled it in. All ready to be submitted. "You know--if most men are going to be as much of a jerk as that Diego, they should will not even get the same chances he got."

She hit that she was female--as well, she presented herself as best she could. If they were douche bags, they would not find out what she was born as. Just as simple as that.

She hits submit on the form. Slumping back into her chair. "Gah! Why can't I be normal?! WHY?!"

She gets up a bit--maybe to play a few video games maybe? Why did men need to be like that? The better question she wondered was, "why was she never like that?"

Stacy pulls up a gameboy. Loading up a game from when she was in Kindergarten. Before things got this complicated. She could just go with the idea that long hair meant you were a girl, and simply grow her hair long to be a girl when she grew up. The memories in this game were well--bitter sweet.

Maybe she would explore the website in a bit--for people she may approach... no... too dangerous. She just sighed. Maybe she should jump onto the various forums--naw... people only really said stupid things, and then made her out to "think she is better than them" when she said she disagreed.

It was kind of silly, guys just got called idiots. Girls got called on thinking they are better.

Stacy generally did not think anything of gender equality until well--she started to transition.

Stacy thought, "well, let us just play around here--maybe beat the end bosses. Then I will check if anybody sent me a message."

Yeah, right.

The End

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