You Shall Never Forget!Mature

Dario sprinted down the street. He had news to share with Diego, and it was certainly worth the effort of running.

A few hours back, he had left home for a cigarette, but had wandered off, distracted by the gorgeous weather. It was then that he spotted her.  She came out of the back-door of a house with garbage bags. She looked familiar and he had been unable to resist loitering on the street, in an attempt to get a clearer view of her and try to recall who she was.

She had stood in the backyard, looking pensively at the clear blue sky above and sighing to herself. She was short, average built, almost athletic with short cropped hair streaked in blue, dressed in a skirt and sweater. She could be cute but there was something odd about her and something so familiar about the way she looked, that it was almost eerie to Dario.

He had waved out to her and watched as she turned towards him, initially confused, probably at the sight of a stranger waving out to her from the street and then as the  confusion was replaced by shock at the very next instant.

"Diego. What the hell are you doing here?", she had asked as she approached him while looking at him suspiciously.
"And how'd you even find my house?"

She had paused, waiting for an answer, while he stood there, staring at her, racking his brains trying to figure out who this girl was and how she knew his brother.

"If you are here to apologize, you can forget it."

He finally ventured to talk, mostly out of curiosity, "Um. Not exactly. But have we met before?"

His words had angered her, and he still felt oddly amused at the memory. She had stared at him, her face contorted and then had stormed off into the house, banging the door shut.

But it finally struck him as he stood there watching the shut wooden door - 'New Year's eve. The guy with the blue streaked hair. Diego hooking up. The guy. The hickey. This was him. It had to be him. The same hair. The same face. It has to be him.' Diego had refused to tell him the source of the hickey but Dario had always speculated it to be blue streaked guy in the party who Diego seemed to be a little too interested in. Diego had refused to talk about it, and having never seen the guy ever again, the matter was never been brought up again. 

And was this why Diego had refused to talk about it. Because who they thought was a guy, um , wasn't? This had to be the funniest moment of his brother's love life. He smiled to himself as he reached his own street, and slowed down to a jog.

This new piece of information was so exciting that he hadn't even stopped to think about the girl he had collided with and screamed at. But now as he reached the gates of the house, having calmed down, he remembered the girl in the tanktop. She certainly was attractive and he quietly cursed himself for being so rude.

He shrugged and walked in to have a conversation with Diego.

The End

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