There are no accidentsMature

Katrina closed the large wooden door behind her and walked back towards her home. The sun was up and high, and the heat felt pleasant against her shoulders.

She smiled at the conversation she just had in the house. They tease her but she knew they meant well. It had been, what, around 12 months since she last went out on a date. She was tired of all the running around and hunting and still being unable to find an eligible guy who wouldn't just be charged up on testosterone. Come to think of it, she would in fact like to meet someone and get to know him in the comfort of her home, where she could be herself and not have to lie and pretend to be 'cool'. And especially not have to dress up. She always hated the courting rituals that she went through in her eternal quest to find 'true love'. She remembered her last dating disaster, and sighed.

Lost in her thoughts, she strolled oblivious to the world around her. There was an accident on the road but she really didn't care at the moment. But as she took the turn at the corner, dodging the crates of fruits in front of a shop, she was hit by a running man. It shocked her momentarily as she felt the impact throwing her off-balance towards the wall. The man, thrown off track, swirled and went crashing into the garbage bins by the road.

The two stared at one another, as they picked themselves up. The man was young, probably in his early 20's  or late teens. Black hair, Hispanic-looking with an average build. A piercing on his lower lip glistened in the afternoon sun. He walked towards her, anger in his eyes.

"Watch where you are going. Can't you see before you turn?", he screamed at her.

She was taken aback. The anger surprised her as she certainly was expecting an apology. She stared back at him, the anger building up. But before she could scream back, the man had scrambled away, leaving her standing alone and feeling a little stupid and embarrassed.

She turned and walked back to her home, still fuming, muttering under her breath.

The End

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