A Spanner in the WorksMature

Stacy sighed. She was not getting any dates. Maybe she was just too nervous. Maybe it was because she was a freak to most.

Stacy had looked at some self shots of herself. Such a horrible looking girl--she guessed? She was never any better as a man.

She had tried posting self pictures of herself on an image board--anonymously. To see what the results would be. Pretty much every comment was along the line, "wow--hawt!.. Clearly that must be a man."

She tried to exercise better. Work out and what not. To allow her therapies to shape her into her current state. Maybe some photoshopping would make her thinner and her proportions larger. Well, she would need to just go with what she had now. Only really a C cup she sighed. Her butt was fairly large. Hips--well, they were better than a few years ago.

She was never that brave. Never fit in well. Had to put up with the guys calling her fag or gay.

"You know what? I will post on a dating site my profile."

She sat there--if she only got weirdos she would be happy really. Looking at her life at school, and the reasons behind her last transfer--she only really expected ridicule in public.

Hopefully the site she went on would not spam her comments with pictures of General Ackbar. That would be a bit annoying--and it tended to follow her. Along with the statements of how "hot" she was indicated something other than being female.

She thought she did it well--really she did. Though, the comments looked to her, like she was doing a horrible job of presenting herself.

Opening up the front page on the site. The only options where Man or Woman for her gender. Her heart sank. While she WAS a woman, she was a bit scared about what anybody seeing her would think about that choice.

Stacy just sighed, looking at the open browser window--trying to figure out if she should give up her honesty and just enter she is a woman looking for either a man or a woman.

"Steven--you still need to take the trash out," her Mom shouted up.

"Mom--there is nobody in this house named Steve! There never was! I will take out the trash!" Stacy yelled back with a big groan following.

She momentarily left the monitor with her information filled in, ready to submit, to deal with the trash before submitting. Well--making certain to lock her screen first.

The End

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