Can't Stomach The NotionMature

Diego's question hung in the air, like a spiderweb waiting to catch a stray fly, "Ever considered using a dating website?"

"Not me," said Dario, straight-up. "I like the magic of meeting someone in... the normal way."

Landers let his head fall to one side. "I suppose it could work for me. Maybe."

"Hmm..." Diego pondered.

"I can see why you'd use it, though," Dario said to his brother.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Diego asked, slightly agitated.

"Well, because of your... proclivity-"

Landers was amused by that word, chucklesnorting.

"- well, let's just say you don't have it as easy as the rest of us," said Dario.

"Whattaya mean, don't have it as easy?" Diego was hurt. "How is it not the same?"

"You've got slimmer pickings. What is it, like, ten percent of the world's population, minus those that are in denial about it or repressed, or just aren't far enough out of the closet?"

"Hmm... I suppose," said Diego. "That leaves forty percent of the world as straight women. But that probability thing means squat when you can seek out a place to meet similarly inclined people with similar intentions. Chemistry and personality tests are a nice touch too."

"Well," went on Dario, "that is why you tried one, right?"

"You did?" asked Landers.

"He did," said Dario.

"I did," admitted Diego. "I'm sick of falling for straight guys without knowing it. I hate not being able to tell someone's orientation and intentions at a glance."

"Oh," said Landers. "That makes sense. You adapt. But... don't most of them, at least at our age, just want... y'know..."

"Want what?" asked Diego, knowing the answer but wanting to force Landers to say it.

"Sex?" suggested Dario.

"Well, yeah, I imagine so." Landers nodded. "If a relationship and its needs are reined in by two men, rather than a man and a woman, wouldn't the emotional, mushy stuff take less priority?" Landers ventured.

"Unfortunately, far more often than not, yes," said Diego, suddenly forlorn.

Dario cringed, "I'm a sucker for romance. I can't stomach the notion."

"Which notion?" asked Diego.

"Casual sex with a friend," Dario said with disgust. "Unless it was just for experimenting or something. Not that I ever..."

"Hmmm..." hmm'd Landers, not quite voicing his thoughts aloud. "Sounds tempting, I mean, with a woman for my sake. But... still, I think I'd feel like something was missing with just sex."

"Good," said Diego. "You were starting to scare me for a second."

"You're scared of... what, shallow friends?" Landers was amused.

"I guess you could say that," acknowledged Diego. "You're usually just so... morally grounded, y'know?"

"Aww, does my brother have another crrrrush?" teased Dario.

"No, eww!" blurted Diego, his tanned countenance reddened with embarassment. "Perish the thought."

Landers snorted, amused.

"Not that you're..." Diego was lost for words. "I dunno... ugly... I just-"

Landers smiled. "It's okay. I know what you meant, I think."

Diego sighed. "How about we sign you up?"

"Huh?" Landers lost track of the conversation momentarily.

"Ya don't mean..." cautioned Dario.

"I do. I know a good one," Diego told them, as he hit the mute button on the television's remote, to get the sound back.

"Sure," said Landers. "Once the show ends."

"Grrreat," said Dario, distraught with teeth clenched. His stomach churned audibly.

The End

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