Fake much?Mature

Alexis, Emily and Katrina stared at the tv set. In her hands, Alexis held the newest copy of Yes! magazine, open on a page taken up by a "Where will you meet your lover?" quiz.

"Do you like to party, a) at home with friends, b) in a club c) not at all or d) wherever the party's at?" She read out as Kat rolled her eyes at Emily.

"Uhh.. at home with friends I guess, if they aren't just sat in the corner reading that is!!" Kat replied, holding her lip-gloss wand about an inch from her lips.

"The most likely place for you to meet your lover is.. Online! Ha, Kat you're gonna meet him on a lame dating site! He'll be some weird computer nerd or something!" Kat grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it square at Alexis's face.

"Oi!" said Alexis grinning as she grabbed the pillow and threw it back at her attacker. "Hey but it would be quite funny if you actually did meet some dude online, if he didn't turn out to be a sixty year old paedo that is!" Alexis giggled.

Kat smirked and pushed the lid of the lip gloss down, screwing it shut. "Right, I'm off, Mum says I've gotta be back in time for Auntie Sheila," she said, screwing her face up as she did.

"Good luck!" shouted Emily and Alexis as Kat left the room, slamming the door behind her. "She's not really annoyed, is she Em?" Alexis cautiously asked.

"Nah, she's just kidding." Suddenly an evil idea dawned upon Emily. "Hey, Ally, lets make her a dating profile thingy!" An evil grin crept across Alexis's face as Emily pulled her laptop out from under her bed.

The End

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