Colliding with Your PastMature

Katrina stood in the snow, dialing Alexis's number. She knew Alexis would hate her for this, but she just had to. What other choice did she have? Emily had cut her off, which was annoying, but Katrina was used to that. Emily could really be aloof when she wished to. Katrina wondered if maybe even Emily was on a date. That would be annoying - both her friends getting some action while she stood freezing in the snow, watching and sighing. She felt really irritated.

The phone rang inside the house. She watched through the window as both the birds conveniently ignored it. The ring persisted. And got cut. She rang again. This time she saw Alexis get up, flustered and apologetic to Will. Will stretched himself out on the sofa and checked Alexis out as she walked to the phone, saw the number and angrily answered the phone.

"Katrina, what? I'm kinda busy right now."

Katrina tried to keep her voice calm.

"I know. Its why I'm in your backyard hiding. Look to your left."

Katrina waved from the window, as  Alexis turned towards her. Alexis straightened her dress quickly.

"I heard you two and I kinda panicked. Um... Alexis. Pass me my keys and purse and I'll get the hell out of here. I can't hide in the snow forever."

Alexis eyed the purse and keys next to Will.

"But what were you doing in here anyway?"

"You invited me... But never mind. Give me my keys and let me get the hell out of here."

Alexis shut her eyes. She had completely forgotten about her post-date plans. She hadn't expected things to go so well. She smiled at Will, then looked back at Katrina apologetically.

"I'm soo sorry Katrina. But ...Umm...  I'll tell you later. Come on in.", Alexis looked sheepishly towards the window.

She smiled again at Will, who sat on the couch, relaxed, without his shirt.

"Just a friend. She's on her way out. She needs to pick up her keys."

Katrina entered through the back door quietly, grabbed the keys, gave a cold stare to Will, who smiled back at her. She was quickly out of the door, without pausing to talk to or look at Alexis.

"Hey. I'll talk to you later.", Alexis called out after her, but Katrina didn't really care.

Katrina shut the front door and  walked down the cold dark roads, feeling rather lonely. The moon was out and she could see the mist gently wafting in the air. She pulled her jacket closer to herself, and stuffed her hands in. It was a short walk to her apartment, but the weather was gloomy and her pace was slow.  The streets were empty and made her feel even more melancholic. She took a deep breath, and quickened her pace.

As she turned around the corner, she collided with a young couple. She turned to apologize, but on seeing the face, she stopped. It was the same guy who had banged into her and screamed at her a few days ago. The same pierced lower lip.  Hispanic, black hair. Cute. Very.

The two stared at each other for a moment before Katrina spoke.

"I don't know who the hell you are. But you really do owe me an apology. I have had it with people taking me for granted all the time."

The young girl next to him eyed the two suspiciously. But Katrina didn't care. She felt the wind pick up, and blow around her ruffling her hair around her face. She stood defiant, looking at the dark-haired stranger, waiting for him to say something. Say anything.

The End

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