Bumbled Amidst PetalsMature

A wild grin contorted smooth lips, rising in dew covered hills into cheeks pursed by youth, revenant baby fat and close, clean, even shave. A young man, to whom it all belonged, lay upon a couch with his limbs around a young woman and his gaze into hers. Upon those lips was a taste of calm, distilled, feminine beauty he had decanted from her in a long and most welcomed kiss. From it, he had gleaned such sensual pleasure as to make him ponder, tranquil yet firing synapses on many cylinders.

It was in this manner that she saw a downcast look cross his features, and she shifted underneath him, though somehow knowing she was not at fault.

Resting invisibly over his abdomen, rising with the movements of his diaphragm, was a weight that thrust openly to be shed, words rising to his throat, "Today was rough."

Her hand passed down his softly haired legs, the golden brown so gentle against her touch, and that caress met on his left a rough mark of skinned flesh and a bruise. Fingers traversed it lightly and a warmth tingled in both hand and ankle before a chill ran up her arm, swirled around her neck and then came crashing down her neck in admonishment.

"Yes, there," he murmured. "I speak not of just a wound."

"What happened, baby?" she asked, unaware of how naturally the last word fell out of her in a way that she had never used it before.

"I was expecting to work tonight, when you asked me out. When we setup this date at the last minute, the opening came because I was fired from work today, Alexis," he admitted.

Her face saddened, "Oh, Will, that's no good. Was there an accident?"

"No," said Will. "I was tripped by a co-worker, in self-defence as far as everyone else is concerned."

"Was this co-worker defending their self?" Alexis asked, knowing the answer despite asking.

"Of course not," said Will. "I would never give anyone a reason."

She smiled.

"It was a new guy. I don't know how he got away with it. Thinks he's pretty fly or something," said Will, his body cringing as he recalled the incident.


"I was training him, see," explained Will. "And he totally crossed some boundaries, and I mean odd ones."

Alexis was watching him intently, and he was looking off at the floral pattern of the couch's fabric, his eye on the faded gold silhouette of a stylized bee. The pollen looked dull.

"The kind of boundaries the two of us are able to pass, but which are wrong outside this context. I mean, a co-worker. Not to mention a man."

"Eww," snarled Alexis.

"Yeah, I know," said Will, the weight on his chest rising and falling slowly. "I thought that being a man meant I'd never experience sexual harassment in the work place. But no."

"You're mine," she said protectively.

The weight seemed to tremble. His grin returned momentarily. And then he continued, "So, this fag turned around and pulled his fly down while halfway up a ladder I was following him up, ready to hand him something. I thought that was weird. He says to me, 'Pass it up, stud,' and then 'Thanks, champ!' like I'm some kind of breeding horse. Friggin' twisted stable boy."

"I'll say," said Alexis, holding him close.

"I told him he was making me uncomfortable. And he asked me if it was hot in there. It continued like that, I doubt you want to know the nasty specifics of what came out, but he wouldn't back off. He came down the ladder alongside me, making me really uncomfortable. His hand tried to make a pass at me, and I grabbed it firmly by the wrist. He responded by edging my feet towards the side of the step with his body weight, tossing me a menacing smile and then biting down on my neck and struggling against my grip."

Alexis moved her hand over his taut shoulder, exposed by his shirtlessness. Sure enough, there were light teeth marks she knew she hadn't left. They were bright red.

"He sneered, laughed and licked at my neck as I held his wrist away from where he was reaching."

As Will recalled this, Alexis ran her hand playfully down his abdomen but dared not progress lower.

"His foot edged against mine. I squeezed his arm, digging my nails in, demanding that he stop."

Sympathy was painted on her soft features, voice quiet and somber. "You let him push you off the ladder rather than touch you like that."

Will nodded.

Katrina dialed.

Eyes searched quickly.

Teeth marks like crescent moons.

Alexis held him against her in comfort.

It throbbed with warmth and delight, marked.

A wet tickle of saliva panned over her shoulder and down.

The threaded bee's stinger seemed unweaving, declawed, unsinistered.

The End

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