Working on resolving past differencesMature

Stacy slammed her phone down on the table after she hung up. She sighed, One day, somebody will invent a way to slam the phone down and hang up in fell swoop. Making telephone conversations more fun to rage quit.

Stacy had phoned Diego. Let off one line of scream into his ear. She really did not want to talk with him. She just wanted to scream at him.

She sat down at her computer. Landers appeared to have quickly typed up something. He mentioned that he would love to see Stacy, and he maybe was just being silly with that Diego thing. Diego has been known to pull some stuff. Landers typed that he was also surprised Diego knew Stacy and mentioned curiousity as to how she knew him. Diego was not the kind to hang out with girls. Landers also gave his Skype id--so they might be able to chat tonight. If she wanted to, that is--he would be sticking around the computer for a bit more.

Stacy eyed the telephone she just slammed down on the counter. She would need to apologise to Diego now. I mean--as much as the notion of yelling and screaming at him seemed like a really decent thing for her to do--she wanted to at least be correct and accurate at yelling at him. She picked up her phone, and hit the contact labelled Douche Bag no. 6.

He had put her through to his message machine. She did not blame him, "Uh--sorry about the yelling at you before. I still hate you, and think your a stinker--but well, that does not excuse random freak outs. I thought you were--ah, never mind. I am just really glad I am not going to see you tonight."

Stacy put the phone down, and opened up Skype. She put in Lander's id--it should be giving a friend request for "Kittypolypse" to appear on Landers machine. It was quickly approved--and Stacy was face to face with Lander's webcam. Then she realised hers was on as well she quickly straightened out her hair and clothes idly--suddenly a bit self conscious. She quickly asks, "I look alright don't I?"

Landers simply replied, "you look like a girl who is going to be nice to talk to tomorrow."

Stacy sighed--things were looking better. She could she most of Lander's room too. She just had to sit here, and talk all night. Now--if nobody walked into the room... her mother would be destroyed if she walked in right now.

The End

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