Away from the spotlightMature

Katrina sat flipping channels aimlessly. Late night soap operas and infomercials, and a lot of advertisements for the poor lonely souls who wished to find 'true friendship'. It was late and she had spent the last few hours waiting for Alexis to return. Emily's conversation had mildly disturbed her and she was worried. Worried enough to spend half the night waiting.

She yawned and then sighed. One moment they were trying to fix her up, the next she was attempting to assist them with their own fixes. She wished she was out there, having fun, rather than having to deal with all this young adult drama. She wasn't even sure if she was becoming a supporting role in the lives of her friends, rather than be the lead character in her own life.

Not such a good start for a week that had initially seemed to be all about her. The encounters with men over the past week had not been very memorable, either.

She had encountered weird aggressive handsome men who randomly tackled her on streets and screamed at her while weirder aggressive handsome men went out with her friends and left her worrying. They were singular instances but one was often one too many.

Her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps at the door. She muted the TV and waited. The footsteps stopped. Hushed whispered talk. Silence. A bang on the door, and then the uncomfortable sound of Alexis' nervous giggle. Katrina knew what that meant. She switched off the TV and continued the wait.

The End

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