Adventuring at DuskMature

"Guhh, where is that brother of mine?" groaned Kayla, console controller in hand. "He's holding us up."

"Maybe," ventured Dario, "he's being considerate?"

"What do you mean by that?" asked Kayla, rolling over to look at Dario instead of the big-screen TV mounted up on the dimly-lit sky blue wall above them.

"Well, maybe he's giving us some alone time."

"Hmmm," said Kayla, savouring the possibility that her brother might be so considerate towards her.

Both of them lay on loose white couch cushions, angels lying on clouds. They were on their stomachs, each holding a wireless controller for a video-gaming system.

 The couches, like large, fluffy thunderheads, lay behind them. The carpet was black marked with yellow and white, like a bird's eye view of a city at night. And in the distant corner, an orange, red and purple lava lamp glowed brightly. It brought a calm semblance of moody dusk to the room.

Dario shuffled himself, and his pillows, drifting to her side.  And when the side of her denim-covered leg touched his painter's pants, he felt a warmth grow there. It caught him so off guard that he looked over his shoulder at the lava lamp.

"What's wrong?" asked Kayla. "You look uncomfortable."

"No, I'm just... surprised by how this feels," admitted Dario.

"Good," she said with a blushing smile. "You ready to kick some butt?"

"Sure. What game are we playing?"

"Well, since Landers isn't coming down yet, let's you and I play an old favourite of mine, shall we?" Kayla asked.

"Mmm... which one?"

"An Everquest title, Champions: Return to Arms. It's five years old, but still good."

"Oh, fantasy role-playing. Cool. That's a nice change from the usual gun-slinging. I think I played something similar, Champions of Norrath, a few years ago."

Kayla nodded. "This is the sequel."

"Oh!" exclaimed Dario. "Then I shall enjoy this, and pick it up rather quickly."

She smiled. "We can break out the DDR later, okay?"

Dario grinned widely, tongue touching the back of his lip ring playfully.

Kayla got up, and browsed through the stack of games. When she found the one she was looking for, she got it out and put it into the system and turned it on. Then she turned on the TV and went back to her spot beside Dario. As it loaded, she let one hand fall away from the controller and to her side.

There, it was met with Dario's firm, confident grasp. And she liked that, how he wasn't as shy as the guys her age. She held it, squeezing back gently and exchanging with him a sidelong glance.

The End

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