Unrealistic Expectations of MenMature

Stacy sat in a bean bag chair. Generic MP3 player in her ears. She read a book she had picked up second hand. It was a cheap dime romance novel.

She had put a bookmark in, "why do I enjoy this? I mean--these have the perfect guy. Well, the perfect guy according to the person who wrote it. Though--somebody with washboard abs, hair that good, and what not--well, Mr. Right is taken, and by Prince Charming."

Stacy placed the book aside. "Well, unrealistic expectations have been satiated via fictional means. Lets see, if I have any messages."

Well, Landers had replied. Twice--once was the usual okay, sure why not meet up. Giving a location, the next day at the food court. The next one was a bit angrier. Stacy could see why--Landers was accusing her.. of... being Diego or something?

Stacy ended up typing up a quick reply, that she was still up to meet him--but she did not have anything to do with the crap Diego pulled. If Diego had bothered him, she was be more than willing to put her fist through his face. That whatever Diego is up to, she was in no means part of it. Possibly a few choice words about Diego and his parents, family and heritage.

She apologised for that rage--and asked if it is still okay--the food court thing. She could use being able to talk to somebody new that day. Maybe some new friends. Maybe a bit more than a friend?

The End

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