Sentimental SemblanceMature

A light blanket sheltered two bodies from the wind. It was a darkening blue, edging close to darkness just like the evening sky since dusk, spangled with emerging stars that twinkled in white and silver thread when it caught the light of the nearby lamp post.

He had an arm over her, and she had an arm around his lower back. She liked the strong, rugged feel of his back even through his jacket. And for a moment, she was tempted to adjust its placement, putting her arm up his back from behind the leather and perhaps even the shirt beneath. Yet she dared not be so bold.

There was a gentle silence between them, as they held fast against each other with as if there was familiarity. And there was not. Yet, with time, she knew there comfortably could be. Though nothing was said, she felt as if she knew what was on his mind. And perhaps she did.

His head turned softly against her, side by side, and kissed her on the side of her forehead, lips to temple.

"I was not expecting this to feel," said Alexis, "quite like a ballad of a music video by Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry, or someone like that. But you've brought all the magic..."

"Is something wrong with that?" asked Will.

"No," said Alexis. "Certainly not. I'm just not used to it."

"Well, you deserve to be," he told her, before planting another gentle kiss in the same spot.

"I haven't always gotten what I seem to deserve," Alexis admitted.

He watched her carefully, pensively, eyes blinking slowly.

"The last guy to get so close to me," said Alexis. "He wasn't so sweet. And, well, he didn't prove to be loyal either. Maybe I was taking things too slow for him."

"He cheated?" Will ventured a guess.

Alexis nodded gravely.

"You've got better now, at your side," Will promised.

Alexis smiled, lips closed and pouty. Then she spoke, telling him of the image that sometimes kept her awake at night, "A hickey upon his neck, left by another."

Will shook his head in dismay. "I have been there. It is not a fun way to learn something like that. Hoping it's just a bruise. Wishing you had left it. Feeling like some intimacy has been stolen from you."

Her smile widened, and then her lips parted.

He sighed, at the beauty he saw there.

"You understand me so well," reckoned Alexis. "It feels like a heart to heart with a close friend. You put me at such ease, with those steadfast eyes. And I want to be so much more than a close friend."

Will blushed, and moved his head closer to hers as he did so. He slowed his approach, watching her face like a curious songbird.

Her lips curled outward like petals moist with drew.

Eyelids fell. Mouths watered. Warm breath came face to face.

Butterflies seemed to flutter about in Will's stomach.

And with a tilt of his head, he brought his lips against hers. And a kiss happened there, opening something between them that he knew he would enjoy as he ignored the guilty knot that was slowly forming in him.

A pleasurable chill ran down Alexis's spine, and then it was eclipsed with warmth as his tongue began to dance against hers and a refreshing minty taste filled her with a grasp of his care.

Confidently, a hand of his passed against the exposed skin of her neck, and came to rest at the nape of it with protective and secure presence.

It was a slow and sensual kiss that lasted longer than anything physical she had shared with anyone. It left Alexis feeling valued in a new and exciting way. Something in her, that had been neglected and forlorn, seemed to be putting itself back together under the rejuvenating caress of his mouth.

Breath passed through her nose, as the taste of him rushed at her senses, and her hands found themselves reaching at him, full of need and attentiveness. What had been silent and gentle was sprouting fascination and growing boldly up new heights.

His thirst for her was infectiously mutual and maddened back at her freely. Each other's presence became an intoxicating push of beauty and attraction rushing together at a slow yet quickening pace.

A name, Dario, took on lessening meaning to Alexis.

And a guilty conscience, to Will, became easier and easier to ignore as he indulged his desires, reveling in the pretty innocence that drew him in for comfort and relief from the harsh world around them.

The End

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