Yours For The KickingMature

Tension hung between them like a tightrope nobody wanted to venture down, lest anyone's sense of balance betray them all.

"Have you two been doing what I think you've been doing?" asked Landers.

Dario frowned.

"And what might that be?" intoned Diego. "What she thinks we've been doing?"

"What does she think we've been doing?" Dario asked Diego.

Diego raised his middle finger toward his mouth, gaped, and then feigned a choking noise as he motioned into his mouth with his risen finger.

"That's obscene," said Dario. "Just because we're twins, and you're gay, doesn't mean we're into incest. And I'm definitely not into men."

"We know," said Landers, tired of Dario's constant reassurances of that fact. "That's not what I thought you were doing, though."

"Wait just a minute," said Dario. He bit his lip, ring shining. "Why would she react that way to such a thing?"

"Ugh," grunted Landers.

"You can be pretty dense sometimes, y'know that, right?" Diego told his twin.

He blinked, surreal comprehension crashing through him like a wave. His lips remained pursed together.

Landers and Diego exchanged glances.

"Is he doing the math?" whispered Landers.

"I hope so," said Diego.

"I can hear you," muttered Dario. "And I feel quite foolish."

"That's what I meant by schoolgirl crush," Diego prodded.

"Aye," said Dario, dumb-founded.

"Do you want to go in there and comfort her, or shall I?" offered Landers. "She is my sister, after all.

"Go," said Dario.

Landers moved away, down the hall.

"Wait," said Dario, changing his mind. "Let me."

Diego smiled.

Landers looked back, his eyes narrowing. "If you hurt her..."

"I know," acknowledged Dario, as he walked past his friend and brother. His hand fell slowly to the door nob of Kayla's bedroom. He looked back at them, and finished Landers's thought, "I become yours for the kicking."

The End

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