Landers heard the voices drop in the next room. He started to read the message that Stacy had sent. It was a short expression of interest, not giving away too much. She had found him interesting and would really like to meet him. Any other time, he would have been ecstatic but at the moment he was only filled with doubt. He clicked on her profile link, and started to read through it.

He was interrupted by the sound of the two brothers screaming, a moment of silence followed by the sound of rapid footsteps by his door.

He got up from his bed and opened the door. He was still feeling angry, and a little betrayed at the possibility that the brothers were trying to set him up with someone. Even if they meant well, it was still insulting. He knew his bad luck with finding women was fueling his suspicion, but he couldn't help feeling that the brothers were up to something considering that they had been so persistent with him attempting internet dating. Maybe this was the time to confront the D-brothers. Confirm suspicions  before he became paranoid about it. Maybe it was really just a coincidence.

He walked out into the corridor just in time to see little sis Kayla vanish around the corner. He turned to see both Dario and Diego rush out of the other room. Confused but  still upset, he glared at the two.

The two froze in their tracks and the three stood in passive silence, all feeling rather flustered.

The End

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