First ContactMature

Landers lay sprawled out on his bed, hoping for a reason to leave the comforts of his home. He felt lethargic and sleepy, and found himself dozing off.

In the next room Dario and Diego talked, their voices muffled and barely audible. Dario had returned home excited and out-of-breath. Landers mused about how Dario's smoking was never going to be compatible with his propensity to get excited so very easily

So while Dario had pulled Diego into the next room, Landers lay listening to the dull boring radio, modern pop peppered with advertisements of loans and cars. The conversation next door might have seemed interesting at this point, but he knew that the twins liked their space and he wasn't brave enough to pry into their family secrets. The only time his ears perked up was when he heard the name 'Stacy'. He tried to recall if he was familiar with any Stacy but got bored easily enough and continued staring at the ceiling, the drone of the radio sinking into the heavy humid air around him.

He glanced at this laptop. The site was still open and his two hours of work proudly displayed. The profile had finally been made and the quest for finding a date begun as he took the brave step of entering the virtual world to continue his quest for true love. He sighed to himself as he wondered if his profile was a little too candid for the likes of the internet or did he need to spruce it up.

He reached out to his mouse and refreshed the page. He smiled when he saw that he already had a new message ...

... From Stacy. He glanced suspiciously at the wall between him and the next room.

The End

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