Winning was just the beginning

Sophie awoke to find herself lying on a bed. Had it been a dream, it must have. She began to get up but a sharp pain ran through her right arm. She looked down. Purple shapes looking almost like a tattoo ran up her arm from her wrist, they continued up past her shoulder and along her shoulder blade. It also ran down her right side and stopped just above her thigh. Sophie stared at them trying to work out what they were and how they got there. She looked around the room but all the walls were bleak stone walls. To her right was a toilet up against the wall along with a sink.

A section of the wall opened and four figures wearing armour and holding glowing rods came in followed by Clairvoyance.

“Stand up” Clairvoyance commanded “and move slowly into the middle of the room”

Sophie did this and the four warriors stood in a square around her. Walls of light jumped between the rods to form a pen around her. Confused Sophie started walking forwards as they started to walk slowly out of the room still holding formation. The walls crackled with electricity. The only light in the corridor came from the cage. She was escorted down the corridor and out into the large room. Scrolls and books littered the floors, the lights had been extinguished and mages lined the walls in rows. Silence filled the place the only sound was the walls still gently crackling. The place had an ominous feel to it which Sophie didn’t like. She noticed the symbols on her palm glowing purple. Sudden power began to course through her. A voice in her head was telling her to use this power and run whilst she could. Someone else noticed the glow and cried out. Instantly the pen constricted and began to burn her arms. The shapes all lit up and she felt the energy being released. Purple light shot out shattering the pen and knocking mages sprawling. She ran to her left down another corridor. Guards charged towards her. She slashed her arm across, purple light forming a blade attached at the wrist. The blade sliced through the guards cutting them in half. Empty armour clanked down to the floor. Not losing pace she jumped over the armour and kept running. She could hear footsteps behind her. She jumped and spun, a wall of energy formed blocking the mages pursuing her. Feeling drained she dropped to the floor. Looking up dark shadows blocked the corridor in front of her. She rose to her feet feeling uneasy. The shapes on her hand flickered and then went out. She looked around her for an escape that didn’t exist. A fluster of shadows appeared behind her and suddenly a figure was behind her. They grabbed her around the waist before a second cluster of shadows enveloped them.

The End

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