Johnny sat before the security controls at the Natural History museum. It was still quiet. A usual night, the cameras flicked between the many different exhibits. By 3 ‘o clock nothing had happened until he noticed something by the dinosaur exhibit. Three figures cloaked in black sneaking towards the secure artefacts section. He grabbed his baton and torch before racing down there.

He reached the door only to find it open and the three coming out, holding a casket made of obsidian.

“Freeze!” he shouted.

“No, you freeze” replied one of the individuals. There was a flash of red and Johnny found himself against the wall with a red coil around. He gasped as it was made of pure energy. He struggled to get free but the more he moved the more painful it became.

“So one of the lesser has arrived to become one of the first to walk the path, open the casket.”

He turned and with his right hand which was gloved opened it. Shadows burst out and formed all around the room into humanoid shapes.  They were all facing the man who had summoned the red energy.

“Go take on forms so we may fulfil the plan” Two shadows flew towards the other two and forced their way down their throats. Their bodies fell to the floor twitching. Then they stood up but they were different, they had an unnerving edge to them now. A third shadow flew towards Johnny and everything went dark.

The End

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