The Volcano

Sophie walked down the tunnel. She could see nothing as the darkness enveloped around her. She felt the walls with her hands as she went. She eventually noticed that it was beginning to get hotter. In front not far ahead she could see light coming from an opening on the left. She continued onwards and went through it. A large metal bridge spanned the distance over a large crevice suspended by cables from the roof. She went to the bridge and looked down. Lava filled the crevice. Looking up a man now stood in the middle of the bridge looking at her. It was the guy from the lake. He smiled at her before beginning to walk towards her. She shuffled backwards until she was against the wall. She felt something sharp and turned. A sword was propped up against it. She grabbed it and pointed it at him.

“That won’t help you girl against me” he chuckled.

Lava began to rise above the bridge and formed into balls. He flung his hand forwards and one flew at her. She dodged to the left. The sword that poised she advanced forward keeping an eye on the lava. He flung another. She ducked but the sword was hit. Molten slag burned its way down her hand. She screamed in pain and flicked her hand to get it off. A big grin on his face he lifted his hand back and flung the remaining balls at her. She looked desperately around she had nowhere to go.

He watched the lava hit its target. He smiled to himself, the ring was his! He turned around and walked towards it on its podium over the other side of the bridge. A light streaked past him. Caught of balance he stumbled towards the side of the bridge and almost fell over the side. Turning he saw Sophie standing there her eyes glowing purple streaks.

“My turn”

She began to form a ball of purple energy in her hands. She looked down at it then back at his startled face. She tilted her head and smiled. Then she flung her hands forward and a continuous stream of energy poured forward. He raised more lava up but this time he used it to hold back the energy. Her mouth opened in pain and a brighter glow emitted from her mouth. She bought her hands down quickly into a combat stance and two blades of purple energy formed from her elbow to her wrist. She charged forward.

He threw the lava at her but it disintegrated before reaching her into a cloud of purple. She jumped through as he formed a sword and shield of lava. He met her in the middle of the bridge and bought his sword down at her head. She raised an arm and parried before spinning to slash her other blade across his chest. He placed his shield in the way but it was of no avail. The blade sliced straight through the shield and went into his left thigh. He cried out and stumbled before feeling pain go through his other leg. He fell to his knees and looked up. She stood there looking down at him. She opened her mouth and the purple light returned. He felt heat all over his body and looked down at his hands. They were glowing purple. Then they began to dissolve into small purple orbs which flew towards Sophie. He cried out before bursting into a cloud of the orbs. They flew across to Sophie before swirling around her in a vortex. She flicked her right hand and they disappeared along with the blades. Then she walked over the pile of clothes towards the podium and took the ring.

The End

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