When Sophie awoke she felt numb. She was no longer in her cell but was instead in a medical bay. A nurse walked over and in complete silence put a needle into the side of her neck. Sophie could no longer feel a thing and it felt almost blissful when the nurse put more needles into her all over her body. After a while of being stuck with needles, she was given some clothes and thrust into an observing room. Sophie got dressed before looking at herself she was wearing a grey ragged tunic and trousers. Her arms were completely normal. It was like she hadn’t had needles stuck into them only a minute before. One of the windows suddenly became light enough to see through. Standing there Clairvoyance. She walked forward to a control panel. The room she was in was like NASA launch control. People sat at computers and were looking at screens. Clairvoyance sat down and turned on a microphone.

“Right Sophie welcome to the training program. Behind those metal doors behind you is the arena. In the training facility there are many arenas. I don’t know what you will find out there but there will be others having this exact same talk with their mentors. Now what you have to do is win. There are 6 rings in there each resembling an element of power; fire, water, earth, air, darkness and ice. You will need to claim a ring to be able to join the Overwatchers. I can’t guarantee you will make it out of there in one piece but if you do have an ‘accident’ in there you will get patched up once you get back out. Some others will already have worked out how to use the spark so be careful”.

Sophie nodded.

“Oh and one more thing, trust nothing and no one”.

With that the doors opened and Sophie walked out.

At first the light was blinding. She shielded her eyes with her hand. Once she had adjusted to the light she could see eleven others all looking around. She was in a dome of steel. They were in a small opening at the edge of a forest. A voice came through the loud speakers.

“If you could all step onto your designated panels please and be ready”.

Sophie looked down in front of her. Her name was on it written in gold. She stepped onto it and almost instantly it began to levitate. Others were doing the same. Once the final person stepped onto their panel all of the panels flew straight up. They could all see the entire arena. She could see a volcano, tundra, a lake some mountains and more forest. She could see handles coming out of the panels. Sophie grabbed the handle in front of her and the panel went forward. It took her to another part of the arena. She could see the others all being taken to different parts of the arena in unison they all descended.


Sophie stepped off her panel. It took off and flew up to the roof of the dome. She watched it until a speaker sounded and she ran sprinting away towards the treeline as sounds of combat began.

The End

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