The Seer Council

The Seer council

Sophie took two steps into the room before a figure clad in black armour with a red karate style belt stepped in front of her Sophie could see through its visor nothing but darkness. It pointed to a red square in the middle of the room. She walked over to it and looked up Figures sat on benches; some looked at her whilst others were bickering amongst themselves. In the corner of her eye she caught sight of a speck of lighter colour. She saw Clairvoyance take a seat next to an old man who had appeared to have dozed off. Clairvoyance’s grey eyes were on Sophie.

“Remember be respectful and only speak when told to” was what Sophie heard in her head.

Sophie exhaled heavily as a figure wearing a white robe walked up to a palanquin and cleared his throat. Silence fell across the room.

“Today is a good day” he said into a microphone.” We have found a potential new blood for the league. If Sophie here turns out to have the spark then she shall be entered into the training program. That is what we are all gathered here today to decide.

A man in a blue robe stood up;

 “Why has she been brought here today, how do we even know she might have the spark...”

“She ahs been brought here” another man interrupted “because she had a little run in with a death runner and we all know they don’t take interest  in humans unless there is something special about them”.

The blue robed man sat down.

“As I was saying” continued the man in the white robe. “We will need to discuss what should happen to her”.

 Sophie watched for what seemed like an hour before finally the arguing and shouting stopped. The man in the white robe asked all in favour of putting Sophie into the training program to raise their right hand and all not in favour to raise their left. Sophie looked around. Hands began to rise. To her relief most of them seemed to be right hands, Sophie didn’t want to know what would happen if it was more lefts than rights. She scanned the room Clairvoyance had her right hand up. Sophie saw her nod slightly. The man in the white robe indicated for them to lower their hands.

“Sophie Gardener I here by enter you into the initiate program. And you Sophie have the councils favour.”

“Thank you” Sophie found herself saying before bowing to the council.

The man waved his hand and two of the black clad beings stepped forward and stood on either side of her. They then marched her to the door where a third one came up behind them and stood behind Sophie. They then took her out of the golden doors and walked back down the corridor to the room. It still had hooded figures running around as they approached the room it went completely silent. Everyone in the room was looking at her. She couldn’t see that they were but see knew it. She realised she didn’t have her hood up but at the moment she didn’t thin it mattered. They then took her down a different route, one she had not been to. After many decorated rooms and long corridors, Sophie was stopped outside a wooden door.

“This is where you will stay” said one as it turned around. Sophie noted that their voices where like metal and it felt like their words were blades. “You will be unable to leave for the time being. If you try to escape you will have a guardian come to ‘restrain’ you till the time is right”.

With that the door was opened and Sophie was forced to walk inside as the corridor was being blocked at either end by more guardians. She entered and the door shut. She looked around the room. The door had vanished and the room was basically a prison cell. She went over to the bed and sat down. She realised the extent of what had happened today. She had woken up and been escorted by two complete strangers before having her fate decided by a council that didn’t exist and now she was in a training program hat she knew nothing about. She lay back on the bed and looked at the roof. The bed felt lie stone and so she had to readjust her position to try to get comfy. As she stared at the ceiling she found herself drifting off into sleep.

The End

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