Sophie awoke to the sound of low murmuring. She turned her head slowly to her right. She could see two people standing in a doorway across the room. They had their backs to her. She thought back to what had happened earlier. She remembered the man in her house, the ice boy, the man asking about something, she couldn’t quite recall and the man with the cigar. She slowly got up to sit on the bed. She was in a red room. It had on the wall to her left a tapestry of some sort depicting a scene of what looked like a trial. Sophie looked down, her clothes had been changed. She was wearing a black robe like the mages in movies she had seen before. She stood up as one of the figures turned towards her.  The figure also had robes like Sophie’s on except they were red. The hood on the back was pulled up so she could only see the end of the figures nose and their mouth. Sophie could hear words but no one was speaking. The words were inside her head. Sophie’s shocked expression was obviously blatant to see as the figure smiled slightly.

“It is ok” she heard “we will not hurt.”

“How can I trust you” Sophie thought to herself.

“You can trust us due to the fact that at this moment in time you are not tied up, gagged or being killed in some horrible way but where are my manners, my name is Kiara but please do call me by my league name of Clairvoyance. Now if you wouldn’t mind it would be so incredibly helpful if you would please put your hood up and follow me.”

Sophie did as instructed and put her hood up before proceeding to walk to the doorway and stand behind Clairvoyance. The other figures still looked away from Sophie and said nothing. Clairvoyance turned around and began to walk forwards with the other figure at her side. Sophie could hear her voice in her head telling her to follow them and stay close behind them. She then jogged for a second to catch up to them before falling in line behind Clairvoyance. They walked through many corridors which had doors on either side of them before they came to a lift. The other figure looked down slightly and pressed the button before looking back straight ahead. Ding, the doors opened and they stepped inside. The second figure pressed a button which had a picture of a book whilst Clairvoyance pressed a button with a strange symbol Sophie had never seen before.

Sophie though of what she had been dying to ask.

“What is this place”?

“You’ll soon see” was the reply.

About 30 seconds later the doors opened to a library before the figure stepped out and the doors closed. They stood in the lift in complete silence for about a minute before the doors opened and they stepped out into a large room. Hooded figures shuffled around doing things she didn’t have time to see as Clairvoyance rushed across the room to a smaller corridor. Sophie ran after her and got to the end of the corridor, there Clairvoyance stood in front of two gold doors.

“Put your hood down now” she said.

Sophie did as she was told whilst saying;

“You’re not talking into my mind”.

“I know we are not allowed to use our ‘gifts’ you could call them in front of the council”.

“You mean the Seer council”?

“That is correct now if you would like to follow me you are about to meet some of the most powerful people on the planet”.

“Ok” said Sophie as she breathed out loudly.



“You are right to be”.

With that Clairvoyance opened the doors, put her hood down and escorted Sophie through the doorway.

The End

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