Sophie found herself in a room. She was standing behind a damaged stone pillar. She could see a figure standing with her back to Sophie. The figure was standing on a small pyramid in the center of a giant room. The figure was saying something to the person she couldn’t see. She then heard a mumbled reply before she saw the figure get blasted of the top of the pyramid. As the figure was about to land next to the pillar, Sophie woke up.


Sophie opened her eyes and stared at the roof she expected to be of a hospital. Instead a marble brick roof greeted her instead. She looked down to her feet and saw that she was lying on a stone table. A man was holding his hands over her legs and a green energy was covering the distance between.

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

“Healing you”


He turned and she saw that he had short grey hair, minor stubble, grey eyes and he was smoking a cigar.

“How are you healing me?”

“The green ‘energy’ as you would put it is my power. I am an overwatcher but you will find out more in time now rest as soon you will have to meet the seer council.”

The End

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