The mysterious figure by the window

Sophie looked at the man as he held her up towards the roof, his hands cupped around her throat.

“Sophie I will ask once more, where is the book?”

When Sophie didn’t reply he threw her behind him. She flew down the stairs and hit the window at the bottom. It shattered as she caught it with her head. As she slowly got up Sophie felt the warm trickle of blood going down her face. She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and as quickly as she could she got up. She stumbled to the left and went through the open door to the living room. Slowly her sight became less blurred she just had time to see a fist smash into her face. She went backwards and landed on the fireplace. She heard the footsteps again and a hand got her chin and lifted her head so that she could see his face. Through all of the stars she could see he had bright white hair with next to black eyes. He smiled and revealed a jaw full of razor sharp teeth.

“Sophie give me the book and I will leave you alone” it said as Sophie had decided that it wasn’t completely human.

“What book?” She asked dazed.


He looked away for a moment towards the window before he quickly removed his hand from under her chin. Sophie’s head slumped down as she heard the thing snarl;

“I will get the book so leave before I kill you to”

Then a voice replied “now Jack we both know that that will never happen.

 The corners of Sophie’s vision were beginning to darken but she managed to look up. There next to the broken window leaning on the wall was a boy about her age. His brown hair was spiked at the front and from what she could tell he had bright blue eyes. The thing growled at him before it lunged. As it got closer at this lightning speed suddenly an ice spike came straight through the floor impaling the beast on the end. Slowly the beast looked down before it snapped the spike in two. While he did this the boy had a boy of ice blue energy forming in his hand. He took a step forward before he placed his hand on the beast’s chest. An ice ball exploded shooting icicles the size of kitchen knives in every direction. One hit the fireplace where Sophie had been sat seconds earlier. Sophie now lying on the floor saw the beast fly backwards straight through the wall. As the dust settled it lay unconscious under a pile of rubble. The boy walked up to Sophie and felt her pulse. She heard him curse under his breath. He got out a phone and dialed a number before ringing. She saw his mouth move but she could no longer hear anything as her eyes shut she saw another figure suddenly appear next to the first figure as he stopped down to pick her up.   

The End

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