The way home

As Sophie stepped out onto the pavement a flash of cameras to her left made her blink. News reporters came running over asking her all sorts of questions about the accident. They asked how she was feeling about it, if she knew anyone else who was on the train and other questions like this. Under normal circumstances she would have liked the attention but after what had just happened she wasn’t in the mood for this right now. Hospital staff came running out asking the reporters and cameramen to get back a bit so that they didn’t risk injuring her. Sophie looked to the road and at that precise second a taxi was going past. She quickly ran as fast as she was able to at that moment and signaled down a taxi. She told the taxi driver the way to her house and she closed the door on the reporters. She put one hand to her head and breathed a sigh of relief. She listened to the sound of the music the driver was playing. It was at times like this that she wished that she still had her IPod. About ten minutes later she arrived at her house.


It was white with five windows on the front side. She looked up at her bedroom window. After everything that had happened she was glad to be home. She paid the driver before getting out and walking up to the front door. It was like most other doors on the street a dull brown wooden door with a gold letter box. She hated the door. Getting the spare key from under the doormat Sophie opened the door and went in. the room was dark and she could see plates on the side from the day of the accident. She walked in and turned the light on. It took a moment to turn on before the room was illuminated. She could see all of the pictures that lined the table tops. Deciding first to clean away the dishes she went into the kitchen.


As she put the last one away she happened to look up in the reflection she saw what she thought to be a man dressed in a black suit with a black fedora hat on his head standing at the bottom of the stairs. She stared at the window for a moment before turning around slowly. The hallway was still empty. She looked for a moment more before going into the hallway and heading up the stairs.

 She got halfway up when suddenly a flurry of events took place all at once. First off she felt a solid shape smash into her back. Then seconds later she was lying down at the top of the stairs which was a meter or two up. Then she felt a stern hand grab her hair and pull her up. She could feel the person’s breath on her ear before a deep male voice said.

“Sophie Gardener where is the book”  

The End

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