The hospital

Sophie felt herself drifting. All she could she was black. Here and there little white spots shone like stars at night. She felt the way the darkness flowed around her. It made her feel strong, she liked it. She could feel it tugging gently at her hair and clothes like it had a mind of its own. Slowly but gaining in volume she could hear what she thought was a siren, but it was very faint. Then the darkness began to dissipate and the white spots expanded.


Sophie awoke lying in a bed. She could feel tubes in her wrists and sides as well as going up her nose. She quickly realized that she couldn’t breath and she pulled the breathing aid out of her mouth as well as the tubes out of her nose. She tried to sit up but realized that she couldn’t. She looked down and saw that her side was bandaged and so were both of her hands. She wiggled her fingers that stuck out of specially cut slots in the bandages. As she did this a nurse walked in and saw that Sophie was awake.

“Ah Sophie Gardener is it”.

Sophie nodded.

“Good, good, right well its good that you’re awake and from the looks of things ok. How do you feel”?

“Groggy but I will be ok but please could you please tell me what happened and where I am”.

“Yes of course! First off you’re in Saint Milligan’s hospital and to answer your first question you were in a horrific train accident. It’s on the television if you want to have a look”.


With that the nurse walked over to a screen and looked at all of the results. Deeming they were ok she left the room. Sophie looked to her left and saw the remote. Slowly she lifted her arm and pressed the button to turn it on. The news blared on with a person repeatedly saying breaking news. Then it showed a picture of a smoldering wreckage lying in the middle of a road. She listened half- heartedly as it said that there were no survivors except one, herself. It took a moment for Sophie’s mind to understand this before she realized that everyone who had been on the train was dead. Her mother, the lady her mum was talking to and then the little girl who had played hide and poke with her. Then Sophie cried. It took a few minutes for her to regain control of the tears. She turned off the television and closed her eyes.


Sophie had no dreams that night, just an emptiness that she hadn’t had for a long time. Hours later she awoke and tried to move, she ached but could move now. The accident had happened three days ago now and she was ready to be let out. She had decided the day before that she was going to go home and clear up. As she sat there her bandaged hands together the nurse walked in again.

“You ready”? She asked.  

Sophie nodded her head.

“By the way by being fifteen you can choose to stay in the house you are in now, would you like that”?

Another nod, and with that Sophie got up and went outside to catch a taxi home.  

The End

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