What would you do if you found that magic existed?
What would you do if you found out only a selected few could do magic.
What would you do if you could possibly become an Overwatcher?
Sophie Gardener finds this one day after being in a horrific train accident that killed everyone but her. She then has to prove to not only everyone else but also herself that she can be one of the Overwatchers.

Sophie Gardener sat on the train. She looked out the window and watched the country whizz past. She could hear her mother talking to someone in the next seat along. Sophie smiled knowing that it was just like her mother to make friends quickly. Her father had been killed when she had only been a baby and so she had no memory of him.

She closed her eyes and wondered how long it would take to get to London. Opening her eyes again she looked down, her long dark brown hair falling in the way. She brushed it aside and took her IPod out of her pocket. She quickly put the head phones in and turned the music on. Then she put her head and her eyes averted to the window again. She watched as a farm whipped by, the sheep looking up cautiously at the train. Feeling a finger poking her shoulder she turned her head as a little girl ducked behind her chair.

Sophie looked at the girl, raising her eyebrows in a questioning manner before she turned her head again. Suddenly she head a deafening sound which she realized were the brakes of the train. She then heard a crunch as she realized that they had come off the tracks. She heard people screaming and felt her mother grab her arm. Another jarring thud followed by an explosion told her they had hit something. She felt herself sliding sideways into the window as she realized that the cart was tipping. She looked out the window and realized that they were on top of a bridge about to tip over the side. Sophie screamed before the cart tipped over the edge. She flew from her seat hitting her head on the roof before she blacked out.


The End

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