Just a basic overview of the best night of my life, gonna write a short story based on these events so if this looks interesting to you I'll post the link to the story when it's written :)

(U/N - Uninteresting)

(NVI = Not Very Interesting)

Waking up late
Traditional pastie
Shit! No ticket!
Coach there (U/N)
-(end parts: Noodle, Beatles shop)
First steps into London
Library card!
Ticket sorted!
London underground
Hearing the sound check
Checking out the back (U/N)
Italian restaurant drinks
Walking around the park
Ice cream
Pub chips
Queueing for the gig
First in - Pre gig drinks
-(Honey JD+Coke / Cidre / Adams drink)
1. Horsefight
2. TigerCub
-(Headbanging, pits, jumping around, feeling accepted, having a blast, "I love you more banter", amazing reviews...)
Getting the drumstick
Losing the Adams
Hanging around out back
Jamie, Jimmy and James
Matt Bigland!!!
Lee's picture with Matt
Chilled Chatting
Being invited out to Upper St
Deciding what to do
Sitting in The Famous Cock
Changing coach plans
Walking down Upper Street
Giving up
"The Night Continues"
Being ripped off
Guy with ass pic
Walking to Slim Jim's
Me&Bostock age worries
Hot girls at bar
3 for a tenner £6 for one
Brilliant music
Seeing bands get drunk
40yr olds denied
Matt Bigland sitting next to me
Queen comes on!
Matt's family stories
Matt inviting us out more
Outside the bar
Hugging and respecting
Surrealism sets in
4am walking conversations
Amsterdam-like place
Man in weird taxi
Odd central area
-(my jam, random guy "not enough time to fuck you")
Back to the start
Trafalgar Square
-(Climbing the Lion, lights on the statue, lying down, London atmosphere)

Realising journey's direction
The archway
The big red road
The golden statue
Buckingham Palace!
Noodle noodle
Reminiscence of the night
Finding the coach station
Bus stop
The wrong toilets
Finding the stop (NVI)
Coach back (sleep)
Back to Manc
End of night


The End

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