Light - Pyetrova

September 30th, One Year to Revolution

I ducked my head under the barrier to the hangar, clipping the top of my head with it, as usual, and swearing quietly as I rubbed the now-sore spot on my skull.

“She’s back.” The voice carried through the cold night air and penetrated into my chest as I stepped across the threshold and into the relative light and warmth of the building. The boy who had spoken stood before me. I recognised him, but only by face – his name, and his reason escaped me. I nodded at him and he gripped my arm tight, almost painfully.

“Bring her up here.” Oktyabrina’s voice echoed through the hangar and I looked up at her. She was standing on the walkway above us all, smiling slightly. I couldn’t help but grin back at her as the boy tugged on my arm and almost knocked me sideways. “Carefully.” She added as I righted myself and he gave me a sheepish grin. I shrugged and straightened up as Oktyabrina offered me her hand and pulled me into a light embrace.

“I did it.” I was suddenly breathless and excited. “The idiots have no cameras where we are going, but the... the space we need is small, only tiny, really. You’d need those who are... well, tiny,” I found myself ranting on, and she let me with a small smile, grinning as I finally ran out of breath.

“Are you sure everything is set up? We will be safe?” I nodded, she smiled. “Then we need to act fast. They may...” She looked as though she was fighting a laugh, “They may find the gap. Though I doubt it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.” She looked at me for a minute, then at the boy who was sitting at the bottom of the steps, watching the paint on the walls flake away.

“Are you alright?” I couldn’t help but break the silence and her head snapped up and looked back at me.

“Yes.” Though the way she shook her head said ‘no’. “Go with him, get some food and some sleep. I will need you tomorrow, Petra.” She used my nickname, the one that only Nicolai... I blinked twice and looked away.

“Yes ma’am.” I said, though I suddenly wasn’t in the mood to return her smile.


The End

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