Memories Of Oktyabrina - Milek

     When I was younger Oktyabrina used to look after Ludmila and I when my parents were out.
She used to play lots of games with us.
I loved her.
I guess that's why my parents are such high up officers in The Resistance.
Because she was such good friends with my parents.

     Oktyabrina was always our friend. Even as we got older she still had time for us. Even now, if there's something we want to talk about, but not with our parents, we can talk to her. Only when she isn't working though.
She's awesome.

     She's incredibly passionate about this revolution.
It started of so small.
She came to our house one day, crying, and had a long talk with my parents about what happened. I listened at the door.
The Goverment had taken her whole family away and had them killed, for no other offence than her father brushing against a soldier accidently. She had only escaped by hiding in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink.
I guess that was the start of The Resistance.
It came about due to her hate for The Goverment.
A hate so strong it bred a thousands strong revolution against them.

     Oktyabrina was always determined. 

     When we didn't want to go to bed, but it was time to, Oktyabrina always just forced us through straight stubborness.
She would switch off the television, and just sit, sometimes for an hour, just waiting for us to calm down and go to bed.

     No matter what task she was faced with, no matter how hard, she would over come it.

     Oktyabrina was amazing.
Absolutely amazing.

The End

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