Waiting - Milek

September 29th, One year to Revolution

We sat in the large, air hanger, that Oktyabrina had converted into The Resistance's base. Everyone else was running around, doing things, but Ludmila and I were sitting in a corner, playing Cheat. Cheat's a rubbish game with only two people. If I was allowed, I would be doing my duty to The Resistance, but I'm too young apparantly.
We had been in here, the past two days, a waiting a call from one of Oktyabrina's agents.
So far, it had been fruitless.
Gosh I wanted some fruit. It would make a nice difference from what we normally got, which was some kind of soup, I think. I'd have to ask my parents what it was, actually. I have no idea.
We would be playing Cheat with the other kids but, they were all too young to understand the rules. Trust me, I've tried to teach them in the past. Absolute disaster.
"Stuff this." I said, as I lay down my cards. "I'm going to go and play with Ild." Ildri was only a baby, but she was amazing. Ild and I got on well together. I loved playing with her, and teaching her lots of things. We had so much fun together.
"Have fun" Ludmila said sarcasticly. She hadn't had much sleep last night. I sat down with Ildri and she gurgled happily.
Suddenly Oktyabrina rushed in, holding a mobile phone above her head.
"Everyone, quiet!" She shouted.
Everyone fell silent at once.
"What is it, Oktyabrina?" Someone asked. Everyone called her Oktyabrina. She wouldn't allow anyone to give her a nickname, as her name reflected what she did her whole life.
"We have a way in!!!" She shouted. "We have a way in!"

The End

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