September 29th, One year to Revolution



I ducked away from the glare of the Plaza security lights and kept my eyes on the snow. It had settled in early this year, meaning layers upon layers of clothes and boots... everything to keep us warm but not enough.

                There was never enough for us. We had little food, little water...

                I ducked my head once again and fought with the metal grille that was blocking my entrance to the Centre. Oktyabrina was counting on me for this; I didn’t doubt I would be in trouble if... if I failed.

                I leaned to the side and kicked out at the rusting, broken metal as I braced myself against the cold, icy floor, trying not to slip as I kept my weight on my arm and lashed out again. The metal creaked finally, collapsing in on itself and sending me flying onto my backside into the snow.

                I looked up and left, then back in the direction I had come, before I stumbled sideways into the gap which had held the chunk of metal that was now twisted on the floor. Diving into the darkness, I let out a hiss of success. We had our way in.

                Oktyabrina would be pleased.

The End

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