October 17th - 6pm - News Studio

"Oktyabrina Galne and her large band of Anarchists failed to break into The Capital City this afternoon. They were all arrested and took into custody." The newsreporter said. I knew it was a lie though. I heard the gunshots earlier.
"Switch it off Milek." Said my sister, Ludmila. Our parents had been in that crowd.
I guess I should feel sad, but our whole family was dead, due to the goverment. Our grandparents, our aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins, our other brothers and sisters, and now our parents. I had got used to everyone I was close to being dead. It seems harsh, and alien when you look at it from the point of an outsider, but, it happens.
Our parents refused to let us come along.
Just as well it seemed.
Now all there was in our family was my 15 year old sister, Ludmila and me, Milek. I'm 15 as well.
Well, Oktyabrina's life's work has come to nothing, and she's dead.
That revolution was over.
It's all over.

The End

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