Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): This is My life

A Filipino dreamer who struggled with poverty from childhood up to college years. He dreams to be what he wanted him to be. But, fate's been so unkind to him that he kept on dreaming...chasing his dreams until working as an OFW made him realized that life still the same way or the other. More conflicts entangled him for his weaknesses. He found solace for a woman that love him so much. The joy of wanting so much made him unsecured from what his life and love meant to be.

My name is Marco Fernando, twenty years old, Overseas Filipino Worker (O.F.W.), married and a dreamer.

The story of the dreamer began in the...

Thirtieth day of December 1985, Monday, Manila International Airport, Departure Lounge, Philippines:

“Calling all passengers bound to Dubai, you have twenty minutes left to board the plane, thank you!”

I remembered that day when I left my country to worked in Dubai City, United Arab Emirates. It was such a ravishing feeling, thinking, that I can reached my dreams, and to fulfilled my pledge to a woman who sacrificed for what I am today, my wife. I am looking forward for my visions to have meaning, in which, I could balanced things into proper perspective. Aiming for a stable job and income made me anticipate all the possibilities in this world of becoming happy with my life and family. I really tried very hard to reached my dreams; promises for my loved ones. Working day and night, determined to succeed, and saving money for whatever I can afford to keep in my possession. Living alone with the dream inside my heart, propelled my existence to put forward over for twenty years, working as an Overseas Filipino Worker.

The night before my departure, my wife and I talked different subjects concerning our past, present and our most precious aspirations. We delved deeply into our vision to make it happen. Thinking of the past, make us conclude, that we are still struggling, for what we’re aiming for with our life.

It was in the...

Year 1976 - 1980 Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines:

I met Ayah Isabel Gonzales in college of Chemistry Department at Colegio de San Agustin de Bacolod, in the province of Negros Occidental. Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental - one of the island of the Philippines archipelago - where students from different towns used to study their college degree. Also, it’s a center for commerce and trade for the whole province.

Ayah and I were on the same course, that each day, we have time to talked and study together. I’ve taken this course just to please my father. I am not interested on taking this course, in fact, I hate Chemistry subjects. It didn’t give me an interesting value with my whole being. It’s natural to be there, only for the sake of going to school and finished my course. I am too young to comprehend things into proper perspectives. I fall in love with Ayah which triggered my inner feeling and thoughts to continue studying. Ayah propelled my existence for the life I am treading on. She’s a woman with simple outlook in life, but with courage to face difficult problems. She’s brave to confront things that have substance on her life. On the other hand, I was weak in seeking the truth about something that I am not sure. She has the strength that I cannot find on my personality, but, I have a strength, that’s intelligence.

Financial incapability besets my parents and ensuing to extend my college faltered. I gathered enough courage to think for the solution that could give me a positive action. Ayah helped me with every undertaking I made, even aiding with my day-to-day living. She lied to her parents about the whereabouts of the money she’s always asking for her schooling. To augment with my insubstantial entity, we lived together in the same roof without the sanctity of marriage. Our parents didn’t have knowledge of what’s going on with our life on this stead. We continued schooling with this kind of set up.

I strive hard to find a job to alleviate my situation, and could help me with my studies, but in vain.

The End

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