Allison's POVMature

Allison's POV

     The sound of the rain lightly beating on the roof and windows played like a soft lullaby. Mix that with the rise and fall of Andrew's chest and the sound of his heart beating and I want nothing more than to stay curled up to him. The warmth that he gave me was comforting along with his arm wrapped securely around my waist and I feel absolutely safe. Outside the bedroom door I hear the sound Jared's footsteps approaching the door. The low creak of the door opening alerted us that he was coming in so I keep my eyes closed tight hoping to surprise him. For a while it remained silent before he made his way closer to the bed, climbing up he crawls up to the top and taps my shoulder. " Auntie Allison? You awake?" He whispers poking me repeatedly. " What do you need Jared?" I ask, my eyes peaking open. "Can I sleep in here with you and Uncle drew?" He asks, his eyes filling with unshed tears. " Oh Jared. Come here." I tell him easing out of Andrew's arms into a sitting position hoping not to wake him. " Whats wrong?" I ask pulling Jared into a hug and rubbing his back. " I'm scared. I want my mommy." He cries silently into my shirt. " I know, I know." I reply rubbing small circles on his back hoping that it'll relax him and put him to sleep. " Whats going on?" Andrew asks from his side of the bed as stares back at me. " Jared wants Lex. He also wants to sleep in here the rest of the night." I whisper sending him a silent pleading look. "  Come on you two." Andrews motions towards him for us to lay with him. Back in his arms my back to him and Jared laying on his stomach next to me slowly but surely drifting off to sleep, I take comfort in knowing that Andrew wouldn't just send either of us away when we need him. " Andy?" I whisper trying not to wake Jared who is finally sleeping. " hmm." He mumbles against the back of my head. " Thank you... For not sending us out.... I love you." I reply taking his hand in mine pulling it up to my chest. " I love you too darling. I would never so much as dream of sending you away." He assures me tightening his hold on my hand. : Close your eyes. Rest. If Jared wakes back up we're both here." He whispers placing a kiss on the back of my head. " Alright. Goodnight. Love you." I reply closing my eyes again.

        The next time I wake up the clock reads eleven thirty and Jared is the only one with me. I hear something fall down the hall so I quietly get up and make my way out there. " Andrew? Is that you?" I asks, my voice low to avoid waking Jared. "  Yeah, sorry. I tried to be quiet but knocked the table in the process." He admits while sliding his feet into his shoes." What broke?" I ask raising the eyebrow at him. " The bowl I forgot to put in the sink last night ."he nods to the shattered pieces.  "Where are you off to?" I ask curiously while taking in his dressy jeans and button down shirt." I'm late for a session. I forgot to set the alarm and overslept." he  replies grabbing a brief case and his keys. " Can I sit in on one of your sessions. You know if it isn't too much trouble." I ask hesitantly.Upon hearing that Andrew gets still," You want to come to one of my support session?" he asks unsurely. Nodding my head I straighten waiting for his answer. " Uh yeah, sure. If that's what you want. Just a heads up some of the things these people went through are hard to hear." He assures me. " I know, I went a few while I was away. That's one of the things that helped me get through our ordeal all that time." I admit. " Alright. Go get ready. I'll get Jared up and ready to stay with someone." He replies placing his things back on the couch and following me to his room. 

  The ride to his office wasn't what one would call tense but filled with anticipation. I had it on the tip of my tongue to ask if maybe I could share our story with his groups in hope that maybe we could help someone who went through a similar ordeal. Just as I get ready to ask we pull into a parking lot of a medium sized building.  Andrew shut off the vehicle then looks at me, " You ready?" he asks his eyebrow raised. Nodding my head he takes that as his cue to exit the vehicle running to my side to let me out before I am even full unbuckled. taking his outstretched hand I step out of the vehicle linking our hands properly ten follow him to the building. Inside the atmosphere is peaceful and serene, it looks like a smaller version of one of the rooms of his house with a country feel to it. We walk down the hallway to the right of the room and into a small office with Andrews name on the glass window of the door. The office reminds me a lot of its owner, it is filled with photos of friends and family, outdoorsy decor, but what catches my eye the most is the set of photos sitting on his desk, the set of three photos were from different points of our lives: as children, as preteens, then the day we found out about Angelynn. Hearing a knock at the door we both turn to see Andrew's friend Jesse standing there,"Hey Allison. Long time no see." He says pulling me in for a bone crushing hug. " Good to see you again too." I laugh hugging him back. " Hey Andrew, your groups waiting in your usual room. See you later Allison" Jesse says walking out of the room. "Alright let's go." Andrew says leading me down to another room. The room full of people turn to us the minute we walk in, their attention switching from Andrew to me. The silence lasted just until he pulled up an extra seat beside me and motioned for me to take a seat. " Everyone this id Allison Hart. She's going to sit in on our session today." Andrew says introducing me to the group. They seemed to accept me into their group and began telling about their experience with losing someone they were extremely close to. Halfway through the session an older woman named Martha turned to me and said, " You are the only person in this group who hasn't shared their experience with loss. Would you care to share." At a loss for words I turn to Andrew who looked from the woman to me giving me the go ahead to answer. Pushing down the fear I turn turn back to her and tell them. s

" I was just eighteen and completely in love with this amazing guy. We had known each other from a very young age and grew up together spending all our free with each other. We had just graduated high school and were engaged when we found out that we were expecting our first child. We were over the moon with excitement and we couldn't wait to hold our precious child in our arms. We went to every appointment, planned everything out to the last detail. They told us our baby was perfectly healthy and that everything was going as it should. I was close to seven months when I started feeling off, I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what. I had my mama take me to the doctor to check on our little one and they told me that I had a miscarriage. They said that she sometime between our last visit and the day I went in we had lost her. they also told me that I had internal bleeding and would need surgery to stop it. My fiancee had been busy getting everything ready, the house that I knew nothing about, the nursery. One would have thought he was more excited than me about our child. When I had the surgery something went wrong and my heart stopped. The next time I woke up, it was to see him sitting there looking devastated and lost. I couldn't remember anything. No-one told me until I was home and stable, then I lost it. I was on the edge of the cliff near my parents house and I jumped. Somehow he knew where I would be and he saved me. I repayed him by leaving. I couldn't bring them all down to my level. I also didn't see how much they were grieving even more so after I did what I did. I not only lost  my daughter but I also felt like I lost my Family and Fiancee all at once. After I left it took two years for me to get help and another two before I realized it was time to come home. I came in hopes of getting forgiveness from my family, friends, and most of all my fiancee. I got my forgiveness and now I am working on keeping my relationship with the guy." I finished up my story the tears gathering in my eyes as I remembered it all. " You're a strong girl. Thank you for sharing." Martha replies taking my hand in hers. " She's more strong than she realizes. We've always known that." Andrew says still watching me closely." How long have you known each other?" Martha asks directing her question at Andrew. " Since we were kids." He replies smiling. "So you know her fiancee then." She nods. " Very well. I'm the guy from her story." 

The End

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