Andrew's POVMature

Taking a seat in my office chair I pull out some of the paperwork for my clients. So far this morning has been on schedule, not that it has really begun. Taking a sip of my fresh morning coffee I look over my time slots, I had several group meetings today, all of which were just as important as the next. Gathering my folders I begin straightening up my desk, pulling together all the things I will need for the day when my door burst open. "Andrew, Andy, Drew-man. You will never guess what I have just discovered." My best friend, Jesse, exclaims breathing heavily. " I don't know, what have you discovered?" I ask him amusedly " Well, our towns favorite little red head has finally made an appearance." Jesse replies, a folder in his hand. " Uh Huh. The town's favorite red head being?" I ask, already knowing who he was referring to. " Fine, your favorite little red head. The one and only Allison Hart." Jesse declares. " And how may I ask did you come across this information?" I ask refusing to show any emotion. " I might have let it slip. I couldn't help it, I had to tell someone. I came home and she and Jared were talking in her room." Lexi says as she enters my office. " Why didn't you tell me?" I ask her, slightly offended that she would tell my best friend and not me, her sister's former fiancé. " Because, Andy, she's my sister, your ex fiancé, I just got her back. I wanted to see her before she came running to you and the two of you making up." Lexi replies quickly. "And what gives you the impression that we would make up and get back together?" I ask her slightly confused. " Well, you see, she might have told me that she wanted to see you again. Apologize and all that stuff." Lexi explained. " Right." I reply looking back to my folders. " Please don't hurt her Andrew. I know her leaving when she did broke your already shattered heart but you said so yourself, it was the only way she could heal and move on." Lexi says frowning. " I know that lex but it still doesn't hurt any less. Ill do what I can but I can't promise things will work out again." I tell her then send them on their way. Alone again, my mind drifts to Allison, the very though of her fills me with so many different emotions, relief that she is ok, that she is finally back where she belongs. guiltly for not being there to help her when she needed me, hurt that she pushed me away. Upset over what could've been. But most importantly I feel hopeful, I feel as if maybe this could be our second even if just as friends. 
     Dropping the thought I grab my files and exit my office. Slowly I make my way down to the room at the end of the corridor and enter the room. Before sits a group of ten people, one of my medium sized groups. We go around the room telling of our progress, about how we are moving forward, where we are stuck at with the issue. By the end of the session I feel closer with these people, I feellike I am making a difference in their lives as they are in mine. I can only hope that with Allison's return that maybe we can let the past go and move on. That maybe she can help me put the last of my fears, regrets, and guilt to rest, as I hope to do with her.
       With the rest of todays sessions finished I head back to my office where I place the weekly results and  observation files into the filing cabnet. Going back to my desk, I pull open the bottom drawer, reaching for the box I keep hidden inside. Removing the lid I pull out a stack of photographs, the first one I come across is of Allison and me in the car before one of our baby appoinments. We had gone to the park, stopping by the edge of a pond, to our right was a gorgeous cherry brown gazebo, it was the one that she had talked about wanting to be married in. We had decided that we needed a few more photos and it was a beautiful spot with a wonderful view. My arms were wrapped aroiund her expanding waist, my hands lay on her stomach, she and I were both looking down our foreheads touching. it was one of my most valued treasures. Placing the photo one top of my desk I looked through the rest of the photos. On the bottom of the stack was the first and last sonograms we had printed, it was the day we found out we were expecting and the other was the day we found out we had lost our child. I can feel the rltears pricking the back of my eyes, blinking them shut I place the sonograms by the photo on my desk and put the others back into the box. As I sift through the remaining items in the box a small, black, velvet box slides into view, picking it up I open the lid, inside the engagement ring I had purchased, the same ring that Allison returned to me before she left. I had kept in hope that she would return to me, that oneday we could be together again. 
     After my little trip down memory lane, I had grabbed the photo, the sonogram, and ring, placing them safely into my brief case. It was later than expected but there was still daylight left to burn. Heading back into my small town I make a stop by the park, the same park from the photo. I haven't visited in a while but I think it is time. It is finally time to go back to all the places we had enjoyed, even if it was to relive the old memories.
     Entering the park through the gates I head over to the lake, walking along it I feel a sense of peace, I feel like maybe something good will come of this. I can hear the sound of children playing, the sound of someone yelling my name. Turning towards the voice, I make out Jared, Allison's nephew. " Hey, buddy. How are you?" I ask the wild energized child. " It is awesome!" He yells.obviously on one of his little sugar highs. " Who are you here with?" I ask him looking around to fing his mom or grandparents. " I'm here with my aunt Allison." He says excitedly about the same time I hear her, " Andrew?" I look up and into the surprised face of the girl who has been  wrecking my mind all day.

The End

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