Returning HomeMature

It has been four years since twenty four year old Allison Hart left home. Now pulling up to the modest,

two story home owned by her parents, she feels an overwhelming sense welcome. After driving cross

country all she really wanted was to clean up  and rest before having to face her family and everyone

she left behind, especially her former fiancée Andrew.  Andrew Ryder, her soul mate, her

first and only love,  the man she abandoned. Shaking that thought out of mind, Allison grabs her bags

and begins hauling them up to her room, a room that hasn’t changed  since she was eighteen.

The walls were black, outlined with dark purple trim,  canvases  hanging up that she herself had

designed. The windows, with purple trim and purple curtains, were closed depriving the room of the

harsh summer  sun.   The floors, also the same dark purple as the trim, soft under her feet as she makes

her way to the closet to hang her clothes.

      After unpacking her things and getting cleaned up, Allison heads downstairs. To begin making up

for all the worry, pain, and heartache she had caused, she decides that the least she could do was

make dinner and clean up to make her parents day shorter. Not really sure if their taste had changed

over the years, Allison decides on something simple, something everyone loves. Taking out the

ingredients for spaghetti, garlic bread, and a salad, she sets to work on making the meal, cleaning up as

she goes.

     At around fifteen til six Allison hears the sounds of car tires coming up the gravel driveway, sees the

Bright headlights bouncing off the walls, then the sound of car doors slamming followed by footsteps

approaching the door. A few minutes later the front door opens, voices fill the house, and the time

comes when her family enter the kitchen, stopping  dead in their tracks.




  “Oh my, Allison, darling, is it really you?” Diana, her mother asks, a hand to her lips. Nodding her head,

Allison stands motionless, trying to decide if she should go to them. “ Sweetheart, I can’t believe it,

You’re here, you’re standing right in front of me. I didn’t think you would come back after… You know.”

Her mother says closing the distance between them and pulling her into her arms. “ I had to come back.

I know I shouldn’t have left but I had to. But I’m back now.” Allison replies quietly. “I know. I’m just

happy to have you back.” Her mother replies letting her go. “ Baby  girl, it’s good to have you back.” Her

father replies engulfing her into a fatherly hug , kissing her head. “I missed you to, daddy.” She replies

holding back tears.  Pulling away, Allison starts to go back to setting the table when she hears

a little voice say, “ Grandpa, who is she?”  Looking  down  Allison lays eyes on the child, his dark brown

hair slightly ruffled from the wind, his little brown eyes, and his light tanned skin, he was the image of

her sister. “ Jared, this is Allison, your aunt. Allison, this is Jared, your nephew.” Her father says

introducing the two, worry written clearly across his face. “ Hey sweetie, it’s good to see you.”

Allison replies just as surprised at her reaction as her parents. “ SO where is Lexie anyways?” Allsion

asks as they sit down for supper. “ She’s working. She should be home in a few hours. Will you

still be here?” her father asks digging for information clearly looking for any sign that she was in trouble.

“Of course I will , I hope it is ok that I set up my room to use.” Allison tells them, hoping they haven’t

decided to make her stay somewhere else. “ Of course not, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh and I know it isn’t your place and we understand if you say no but could you get Jared  ready for

bed so Lexi won’t have so much to do?” her mother asks hesitantly, expecting her oldest daughter to

refuse. “No, it’s fine. I would love to. Besides I really do want to get to know him.” Allison replies before

walking upstairs.






   “Mom? Dad? Jared?” Lexi says quietly she walks up the stairs to the second story of her parents home.

Getting no answer she heads to the far end of the hallway to the room her son had claimed as his own.

As she reaches for the knob she hears voices in the room a few doors down, the room that used to

belong to her older sister before she left. Quietly she walks down to the room and peaks into the open

door, it wasn’t her sister being there that surprised her, well it did, just not as much as her sister

sitting there, reading a story to her son. It was just to much to comprehend. Finding her voice she

says, “Alli? Is that really you?” Upon hearing her sister’s voice Allison looks up spotting her sister

standing against the door frame. “ Jared, why don’t you go tell grandpa and grandma goodnight. I

really need to talk to your ,momma ok?” Allison says sending her nephew out her gaze following him

as he leaves the room. “You are raising a great kid Lex.” Allison says breaking the silence. “Thanks.

I like to think I’m doing a good job.  I’m glad you’re here. I missed you, I thought Jared would never

get to know you.” Lexi replied as she locks eyes with her sister. “ I would’ve come back if I had known

you know.”  Allison tells her sister. “ I couldn’t do that to you. I knew you needed time to heal. I had

hoped you would come home eventually. I just couldn’t ask you, not after all that happened, I didn’t

want to hurt you.” Lexi whispers walking to her sister who pulls her into a gentle hug. “ I am back now.

I just have to take care of some things first.” Allison reassures her. “Andrew?” Lexi ask. Nodding

her head, Allison confirms what her sister has said. “ Goodnight, I’m glad you’re back.”Lexi says walking

to the door. “ Yeah, glad to be back.” Allison replies then drifts off to sleep

The End

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